How To Create Awesome HTML & CSS Comparison Table

To highlight the difference or similarities between two things we need to compare them. Webmasters mostly use comparison table to show the various difference between the products. Comparison table can be created in many methods, but most will prefer the easy and time consuming way. I recently tried Compre Ninja, where we can create the comparison table […]

Nokia Lumia 920 Vs Lumia 820 Specification Comparison Table

Nokia and Microsoft joined hands 18 months ago. Nokia’s windows phones are branded as Lumia. Nokia 800, 710 are the first Nokia Lumia smartphones. Later Nokia introduced Nokia Lumia 900 and 610. Today Nokia and Microsoft unveiled two new Nokia Lumia Phones. Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 are unveiled today by Nokia with […]

Microsoft’s Siri Like Technology “TellMe” Compared With Siri

Few days back Microsoft said that they have Siri like technology on their windows phone 7 platform for more than a year. Microsoft also said that Siri become popular because of Good Marketing. Here is the video comparison of both TellMe and Siri. You can clearly see that Siri shows Awesome performance and miles ahead of TellMe. Do share […]