How To Create Awesome HTML & CSS Comparison Table

To highlight the difference or similarities between two things we need to compare them. Webmasters mostly use comparison table to show the various difference between the products. Comparison table can be created in many methods, but most will prefer the easy and time consuming way.

I recently tried Compre Ninja, where we can create the comparison table  in less time with ease. There are lots of preloaded templates avaialble to create awesome comparison table. Once you created your Comparison table, corresponding HTML and CSS codes are generate which can be easily embedded inside blogpost.

How To  Create HTML & CSS Comparison Table ?

1. First sign up for Compre Ninja account and login.

2. On the top left there will be an option “Create a new table”, Click on that to open table wizard.

3. There will be two options Table Style and Table Edit

Use the Table Style option to choose the desired table skin (Some skins are only available for premium users)

Compare Ninja HTML CSS TABLE

To edit the table choose Table Edit option. 

1. On the left panel you can find options like add row / column or Remove row / column.

2. Click on the cell to add Image / Text. You can also change the button color or rating

Compare Ninja HTML CSS TABLE

3. Once you enter all your details just click generate table and name your table and click generate table

4. Wait for few seconds to get your table codes

Compare Ninja HTML CSS TABLE

Compare Ninja has premium subscriptions which has more features.

Compare Ninja Price

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