Hover Zoom Extension For Chrome

A little thumbnail or image to the content makes it more attractive. Thumbnails are also added to the profile pictures and also in many places over the web. Now to Check these  pictures or thumbnails you can just move your mouse cursor over them to view images in their full size with Hover Zoom Extension Available for chrome. The Pictures are resized if the image don’e fit the window.

According to the developer almost many social sites are supported, even some sites which have original url of the images works like charm!

How to check that hover zoom is working for the site your are visiting?

Its simple, just check for the Hover Zoom icon in the address bar.

Here is a screen snap I tested with Facebook

Hover Zoom

The Hover Zoom icon only appears on the site where it is supported

To access the options just click on the Hover Zoom icon and click more options, You can also disable the Hover Zoom for all Sites or for the current site alone. When you click the more options a seperate option page in new tab is opened,where you can see the below mentioned options.

  • Disable zooming for specific sites
  • Enable zooming only for specific sites (white list mode)
  • Adjustable delay and fading effect
  • Zoom images only when a specific key is held down
  • Semi-transparent zoomed images

Hover Zoom Options

Here are some samples.

Sample Hover Zoom - DigiSecrets

Sample Hover Zoom - Facebook

Sample Hover Zoom - Twitter

As you see the above samples, hovered images appears as the size of the original uploaded pictures.

You can get the Hover Zoom Extension from the Chrome Store

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  1. Downloading it right now 🙂

  2. Great Extension, will try it. Thanks for sharing…

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