Asus ZenPower [Review]

Asus launched its high powered 10050mAh power bank, the ZenPower, having a number of dynamic features which is likely to steal the show. ZenPower is a highly supported power bank which supports multiple devices from almost all popular brands. It has a great capacity to meet your charging demand which is very unusual compared to the other power banks. We will have a full exploration of the device, but before that let’s have a look at the ZenPower specifications.

Complete specifications of Asus ZenPower

  • Dimensions: 90.5 x 59 x 22 mm
  • Weight: 215 g
  • 10050mAh capacity
  • Input power: DC 5V 2.0A
  • Output power: DC 5.1V 2.4A
  • Standard charging time: 6 hours with 5V/2A cable
  • Auto detection of plug-in and plug-out devices
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Charging temperature: 0℃-40℃ (TYP)
  • Working temperature: -40℃~+70℃
  • Multiple safety protection

Asus ZenPower 1


Asus ZenPower consists of a size which is similar to the size of a credit card; which means it is fully compact and comes inside your grip very easily. The device has a premium Zen design which includes a light weight aluminum casing which makes it look incredibly stunning. Holding it gives a smooth feel to your hands and its premium quality finishing reminds you of comfort. Asus ZenPower comes in five color options.


ZenPower performance is simply as you expect from a good power bank. Depending on the battery capacity of different phones and tablets, ZenPower’s charging time varies accordingly. For example, on a phone having 1500mAh battery capacity, ZenPower performs 4 times faster than any other device, and a phone/tablet having 5000mAh capacity, it charges 1.1 times faster. This shows that devices having high battery capacity literally slower down the charging time and phones that consist of low battery capacity, ZenPower perform much faster in those.

Asus ZenPower 2


ZenPower is considered as an ultra safe device that monitors temperature and smoothes both input and output voltage. This prevents the device from short circuits while charging and provides maximum safety. Asus ZenPower consists of JEITA protection technology for monitoring and adjusting the charging current which gives 1.8x longer lifespan. Its Powersafe technology gives you the following protection:

  • Temperature protection
  • Short circuit Protection
  • Rest Protection
  • Output Over Voltage Protection
  • Input Over Voltage Protection
  • Input Reverse Direction Protection
  • Over Charge/ Over Discharge Protection
  • Output Over Current Protection
  • Cell PTC Protection
  • Adapter Protection
  • JEITA Protection

ZenPower has 6 international safety certifications which delivers you the maximum standard protections.

Asus ZenPower 3

Compared to the other latest power banks ZenPower works 10 times better with its quality performance which are likely to be missing in the others. With its high power performance it can charge any device in the fastest way. The amount of security it offers you’ll not find them in any other power bank because ZenPower uses the latest JEITA technology.

So if you are planning to buy a power bank then I’ll highly recommend Asus ZenPower since it is a quality performer and charges terribly swifter.

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