Mi Band Fitness Monitor and Sleep Tracker Review 

After the huge success of Mi 3, Mi 4 and Redmi 1S, Xiaomi is not pretending to relax a bit. With such enormous effort and popularity, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has planned something out of the box and therefore, the invention of Mi Band took place. Mi Band is your companion to monitor your daily fitness level by tracking certain health factors and notifying you for a healthier lifestyle. Mi Band is one of the cheapest health activity trackers which deliver great results and a detailed report on your health. Having a simple and elegant design, the Mi Band is ideal for a health conscious person.

What Mi Band does?

Mi Band monitors your daily activities including walking distance, burned calories, achieve daily exercise targets to inform you much you’re lacking or going good with your health.

Mi Band


Made with poly carbonate body casing and hard rubber matter, the Mi Band contains the quality material which makes it durable and worth more its price. Mi Band consists of a dimension of 14 x 9 x 36mm that suits every wrist size, i.e. neither too big, nor too small. Its entire length is adjustable between 157mm and 205mm and the total length of the band is 225mm. Its metal surface is made of 100% aluminum alloy having red, blue, green and orange indicator lights. The band is very comfortable to wear in and it no way affects your skin. The band looks quite fashionable and trendy and can also be used as a fashion accessory. The quality of the band is durable and can’t be broken on stretching hard. The LED indicator of Mi Band has no screen which at times becomes difficult to track the daily reports. The indicator tracks your sleep patterns, vibrate to alert you during any incoming calls and alarms and allow you to unlock your phone without any password when it is at a specific range.


The innermost technique used in Mi Band is the military grade accelerometer, a Bluetooth 4.0 chip running with a 41mAh battery capacity. The battery consists of an ultra thin design of dimension 8mm and it can run for a period of 30 days. The Bluetooth chip is likely run for several years using a 225mAh button cell. It also includes a vibration monitor that vibrates the band on incoming calls and ringing alarms.


The Mi Band runs on the Mi Fit app which is required to be downloaded on your Android or iOS devices. Once you install it, you can log in to the app and view all your tracking results in detail. You need to set your date of birth, height and weight to start with the app. The app delivers your daily, weekly and monthly reports on your walking/running distance, calories burnt, hours slept, etc. It also tracks it sleep patterns like light sleep, deep sleep and wake up times.

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