Best Football Games & Apps for Android

Football is one of the most played sports around the world and hence the madness that people have for the game is unreal. Considering the number of people that this sport attracts, it is natural that developers would reap the benefits of the addiction to its finest and this is why we have some great games like FIFA series and the Pro Evolution Soccer but the thing with these games is that they are available for major systems like PC or consoles etc.

But that doesn’t mean the developers have left the Android users hanging and they don’t have anything for them. In fact, there are some great Football games for Android and some other apps that will interest the fan of this sport. Let us take a look at some of the best Football games and apps for Android. Let’s get started.

Football Games for Android

FIFA 16 Soccer


FIFA 16 for Android is a brand new refresh for the FIFA for Android, and it comes with world class playing engine and new graphics that makes the game look stunning. Not only that, but the sound track selection of the game is amazing too. This is the first game that any football fan should install on their Android device if they want a game related to football.

Real Football 2013


I have already mentioned how mad people are about Football as a sport. I have seen many people spend money on football betting to bet on their preferred team, and one of my friends even profited a lot after the team he bet on won the match. The same sort of excitement can be expected from Real Football 2013 which is a game developed by Gameloft. As the name suggests, in which you can play the game to experience how one can build their team, play tournaments, and make your facilities better as you move ahead in your Football career.

Soccer Manager 2016


Ever wondered what a Football or Soccer team manager has to do like their work? This game is a perfect simulator for that. As a Soccer Manager you have to choose a small team and then take them through their journey to glory. You can manage your team, you can monitor the performance, and you can change tactics and strategies to get your team on top. All in all, this is a really interesting game.

All Goals: Football Live Score


All Goals is a great app to keep yourself updated on the Football matches and scores. You can see live scores of on going matches, you can see player profiles and their performance, you can see a team’s statistics as well. The app has been updated even for the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics, and you can easily keep up with everything going on at the event with this application.

One football – Soccer Scores


One football was awarded the best app for Football in 2015 by Google. This means there is something great that this app has to offer. You can not only see the live scores, but you can also keep up with the match using the Live Ticker which will give you all the live updates on the action happening in the match.

So, these were some of the best Football games and apps that are available for Android at the moment. If you know about some app that is also useful and must install for Football fans, then you can let us know in the comments below.

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