Top 5 Dust & Water Resistant Android Smartphones

Android has defined almost the every face of a Smartphone OS. Its multitasking, Social Media ready, Customization, portable to different screen size, gaming on the phone and lot more. Android OS has a great feature in embedded electronics world and we saw the first samples with Digital camera from Samsung and Canon. In CES 2013, […]

Android VPN – Solution For Geographic Restrictions

As the world is growing on a fast pace, similarly the technology is also growing on the equal speed. Today, throughout the world people are travelling for various reasons. Some people travel for job, some for tourism while some for fun. Everyone is travelling faster and farther than before. This travelling has made people carry […]

Nvidia Unveiled Project Shield

Nvidia today unveiled it’s New Tegra 4 processor. Nvidia also introduced Project Shield, new handheld gaming console powered by Nvidia Tegra 4 processor. Project Shield is packed with 5 inch multi touch HD display. Project Shield runs on Pure Android. Project Shield comes with 38 watt battery which can provide gamers to play games upto 5 – […]

5 Android Apps That Can Improve Your Financial Life

In such a volatile world which is full of uncertainties, it has become highly important to manage your finances even further. Hence, it necessitates you to know the steps in order to lead a financially secured life. Following are the 5 Android Apps That Can Improve Your Financial Life Andro Money It offers highly sophisticated […]

What Android Phones Rival The iPhone?

With the introduction of the new iPhone 5 the Android versus Apple argument has begun to rage.  The battle between Android and iPhone seems to represent a basic ideological divide between lovers of different types of technology and so it’s worth exploring which Android phones stand up as rivals to the somewhat era defining iPhone. […]