Popular Android Games of 2016

Android gaming keeps on improving and moving the gaming goal posts as it does so. Not only are there mobile games that enter and alter the market, but there are also re-releases of old classics and even the console’s biggest names have been re-designed to create compressed mobile versions of themselves to capitalise on the market. There is constantly a whole host of new titles releasing on Google Play so let’s take a look at the best of the Android games so far in 2016.

Assassin’s Creed Identity


For anyone disappointed by the news that Ubisoft will not be releasing a full and complete console Assassins Creed title in 2016 can take heart, not only in an upcoming movie but also in this Android release. This all-action role player carries the AC brand over onto the mobile market where it flourishes nicely. One key difference being that here players can create their own character, before levelling up and customising them just as before. The graphics are first rate and gameplay toned down, but still fun with decent missions, non-compulsory side quests, and assassin contracts as you play your part in the Italian Renaissance. The missions are much shorter in timescale and take place in a reduced world, but that only works to the game’s advantage. As you frequently jump in and out of the animus, you’re less likely to be in the middle of an assassination when the real world calls and you need to put the phone down. The controls are sound, and when it gets it right, it’s like playing the real thing on your phone.

Players Paradise Casino Slots


One of the best slots games available across the Android world is Players Paradise Casino which is alive with options. Something close to 24 different slots games are available for players to choose from and not just the regular pop culture themed slots, based on movies and TV shows either. Here, you have a fun new offering, each with their own themes like Dragon Lines, Glitter Gems, King Chameleon, Legends of the Incas and Trojan Treasure but with the same credits for spins motivation. Another great feature is the ability to sync your slots with your Facebook page which will unlock the bigger wins as well as give you the chance to show off to your buddies about how good you are. Players can also claim free coins all day every day with the 24/7 bonus, with this great, innovative and modern value added slots game.

Slot games have become hugely popular over the years this is due to the excitement and unpredictably that they deliver. Online players have won some big money when they’ve played this famous casino based game. There are so many sites, games and bonuses to pick from – if you are intrigued and want to know more about the different games out there, this Spin Palace casino guide from OnlineCasino.com.au is a great example. From this, you can gain all the relevant information about what a slot game consists of, how to get started and what you can do to stay safe online.

Orbit’s Odyssey


Orbit’s Odyssey is a neat little puzzler, where your mission is to avoid the naughty robots, intent on exterminating you, racing around the tiny spinning planet. It’s another coin collector, but with sharp and impressive cartoony graphics, it’s an instant hit. Players can only move in one direction against the planets spinning currant, meaning that stopping still will move you backwards but, whichever way you flow, the Saturn-esque rings that circle some of the planets need to be avoided otherwise you’ll find yourself floating off to another location. While the gameplay, simple as it is, can be samey, the puzzles are fun and include unlockable characters, 90 levels of escalating challenges and a star system that rewards up to 100 stars per level making it a fun option for the puzzle addict in you.

Super Phantom Cat


Super Phantom Cat is a retro ride back into the platform games of your youth, complete with a fun and enjoyable plot, fully customisable controls and filled with interesting characters and entertaining levels. Players assume the role of the suspiciously-Breaking-Bad-titled, Chemist White who, as a small child, was saved by the Super Phantom Cat who then became his hero. Now grown up, White again meets Flash Cat, who takes Chemist White into the Phantom World where we discover the ability to collect data shards and morph into a different assortment of characters, not least the idolised Super Phantom Cat. Pleasingly, the controls are all pretty simple and easy to pick up. Just like most android games, straight forward screen taps move your protagonist along. It does get considerably harder as the game progresses but what good game doesn’t? In all, Super Phantom Cat sets out to be fun and entertaining and achieves it with ease.

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter


A cartoony Nathan Drake, a hero of the excellent console adventures of the Uncharted franchise, leads us in a puzzle version of the game, much like Hitman GO and Lara GO before him. Here, over the course of two hundred plus levels, players attempt to solve puzzles, collect treasures and cheat the grim reaper. One very cool feature for those it concerns is the ability to collect bonuses for the Playstation 4 game too, but won’t impact your enjoyment even if you’re team Xbox. All levels take place in one single screenshot, in which there are a ton of traps to avoid to unlock the awaiting treasure chest. Drake is steered by the line you draw, like the maze puzzles you played as a kid, but with added switches to flick, fire to avoid, deadly rising blocks and of course artefacts to steal and to make things even harder, all the puzzles have been attributed a move limit. All in all, good tricky fun that extends the Uncharted brand brilliantly.

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