Turn Your iPhone Into A Wireless Audio Receiver For Your Sound System

When it comes to entertainment iPhone is one smart device to have lots of fun.  Today i found a cool app for my iPhone 4 and its absolutely good and awesome. WiFi2HiFi turns your iPhone, iPod Touch and ipad into a Wireless audio Receiver and plays your favorite music files from your computer.

WiFi2HiFi Station acts like an additional audio output on your computer. This allows the application to provide streaming support for all popular audio programs on the Mac and PC. Actually I tried with my music system and had an good experience and better sound quality. Really useful if you have your PC in one room and your HiFi systems in another.


How to make this work?

  • Download and install WiFi2Hifi Station for Mac/Windows
  • Make sure that the computer and the iPod or iPhone are connected to the same Wireless LAN
  • Open the WiFi2HiFi station
  • Play music with your preferred audio program


  • Use your preferred music program
  • Listen to your computer’s music library while selecting the songs with your preferred remote app
  • Play your songs in crystal clear stereo quality
  • Start streaming once you start the app. Your iPhone/iPod device is automatically detected.
  • High sound quality even on weak wireless networks

I will Suggest you that its really cool app to connect my HiFi systems to my PC to listen music over WiFi

Price : 0.99$ (value for your money)

Download Mac application from here (Mac OS X 10.6)

Download windows application from here (Windows 7 & Vista)

Are you an iPhone user? Have you tried this app? Do share your views..

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  1. neeraj vohra says

    Tested and its working awesome
    Thx for sharing!!

  2. Oh yes, it works like a charm and I love it. Thanks for sharing it with me, very very useful I must say

  3. major lag on mine (about 4 seconds) very annoying, otherwise works well.

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