Top 10 Free iPad Games September 2012

Owning your very own iPad is thrilling in its own right. Apart from enjoying endless features of the phone, games are something which keeps you dead busy and entertained. It is rightly said that in the 21st century, the fate of a mobile OS is decided by the number of useful apps and games available for that platform. Well, in case of Apple, there are millions of apps and games available in the iTunes store.

When you look for the high end game, you should be ready to spend some money from your pocket. There are many games which can blow a huge dent in your pocket. But when it takes a toll on your pocket, are you left with no option but free games. But it doesn’t mean that there are next to no free games available for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Think again, as the iOS device offers numerous free games for you cherish. Let us take a look at the 10 top most iPad games which comes for free:


 1. Temple Run Brave

Running is a best way to keep healthy. Temple Run brave hails from Android platform and are one of the best game available for iPad as well. The high-end graphics, intriguing background sound and many other obstacles during gameplay will keep you glued to the game. With the addition of some new features, this game is one of the best free iPad games. As you collect the coins get chased by the demonic ghosts from the temple, it keeps your heart racing.

2. Aurora Feint 3

This game completely engages you as you strive to beat your enemy by sliding gems to derive energy. This game is best played in the iPad. The game features very good graphics and gameplay experience. It is definitely one of the good free iPad game out there.

3. Checkers Free HD

What else can captivate your attention if you have checkers on your phone! This game replicates the board game putting different levels of difficulties and configurable names of player. Among several other free games, this is a good one to check out.

4. Air Hockey Gold

Air Hockey gold is not everybody’s cup of tea. There are very few loyal followers of a hockey game. For such group of people, this is probably the only best game out there in the iTunes store. Since the game is especially designed keeping in iPad users in mind, it gives great experience in larger segment of iOs device. This game is largely suited for the iPad as it is more enjoyed on the big screen. Its two-player mode makes playing fun. You can play with your friend or against the computer if you do not have an internet connection. This has the potential to be among the top 10 free iPad games.

5. Frisbee Forever 2

This sequel has been superbly enhanced from its predecessor on the basis of variable environments, improved feel while managing the Frisbee apart from great collectibles. The first version user will definitely find it enticing. If you’ve loved the first sequel of the game, then there is no reason why you won’t like this one as well. The graphics are eye grabbing and pleasant overall. The best part is it is available for free from the iTunes store.

6. Crimson: Steam Pirates

There is a huge follower base of strategy game. We have seen that most of the platform has strategy game as the best selling games on their respective platform, and Apple is anything different. This is a strategy game which keeps you enthralled with a story. You are commander of pirate ships so you control their courses in this free game. It allows you 8 voyages for free, which is not bad at all! You have to save and attack your enemies designing different strategy for your crew. Remember, loosing is not an option in such jaw droppingly entertaining strategy game.

7. Drop 7

Yet another engaging free game on your iPad, this one is difficult and requires much of your attention. This puzzle game has complete potential to rank among the top 10 games. As you surpass a level you will realize that the difficulty level of the puzzle has also doubled. But at the end of the day, you will feel satisfied clearing certain levels. It is not only a good game to exercise your body, but mind as well.

8. Harbor Master HD

This game is based on line drawing, by which you create paths for the boasts to dock. To complicate the matter, boats are first unloaded then sent to another dock, which creates havoc as there is complete rush. Consider this game as a part of strategy game, but not completely a strategy game like any other you might have seen in the marketplace. The way you have to handle your boat and send it safely from one place to another place is a daunting and a fun enticing task. The game is also comes with great background music and many other hints to keep your interest intact. Make sure you read the help guide to save yourself from any possible trouble or sail smoothly. Do I need to mention that it is available for free?

9. Jetpack Joyride

Among the other runner games, this is invariably the best. It has been highly successful ever since released on the App store. The developer is very active and keeps updating the game with new challenging levels and difficulties. It has been updated with new and improved content which makes it more enjoyable to the player. If you have played Temple run game, then you will find it somewhat easy to understand and play.

10. Solitaire Ace

This free game is a simple yet very addictive game. It engages the player irrespective of 3 variations of solitaire and one theme. It is fast having intuitive controls which make playing easy. The game has been a favourite game of millions of people across many platforms. Such game has been in existence for several decades and have a huge follower base. The solitaire ace game is available on iOS platform as well. Play card games with your friends and foes and defeat them to become the only king.

Finding a good game is a daunting task, and is next to impossible for anyone to do justice to all the great games available in the iTunes store. Free games for iPad that have been listed here are challenging and can be played anywhere. Since they are free, you can always play them without spending any money.

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