Choosing the Best Business Telephone for Your Company

One of the most difficult parts of running a small business are the managerial tasks that you may not have a background in. An art studio may find it difficult to manage finances, an accountants office may not excel at marketing, and a great deal of businesses outside of the tech sector likely do not […]

3 Best VOIP Apps For Android Users

Staying connected has not been very easy, due to the modern-day smartphone, which is helps us to stay connected with our buddies 24×7. With advancements in the area of communications, mobiles have evolved in how we communicate with others and VoIP is one of the best example. Once we talk about Mobiles gadgets, you’ll probably […]

Clever Businesses Integrating VoIP Services

A hosted voice-over IP (VoIP) system can be a powerful tool for many businesses and organizations. While a VoIP system will require more time to set up than a traditional PBX system, it offers several significant advantages. Why are clever businesses integrating VoIP services? It can be very expensive to have dedicated business lines at a company. While […]