3 Best VOIP Apps For Android Users

Staying connected has not been very easy, due to the modern-day smartphone, which is helps us to stay connected with our buddies 24×7. With advancements in the area of communications, mobiles have evolved in how we communicate with others and VoIP is one of the best example.

Once we talk about Mobiles gadgets, you’ll probably find three names that promptly spark planned iPhone, Blackberry in addition to Android. Everywhere in the world, the items are very popular in addition to their respective fans are developing day by day. At first marketed for specific niches, the devices have gone out of their relevant niches and still have become a fashion gadget/symbol yet.

Because of VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) technology, users are now able to call the special people in their lives with the Internet connection on their phones. Since VoIP relies on the web, calling someone is comparatively totally free, except for possible charges for using the web connection.


You can easily arrange virtual mobile conferences, instead of taking conference rooms for rent which costs us a lot. Most of the organizations prefer this aspect, of arranging online conferences that which helps them to cut down the prices.

#1. Skype

You must be informed about the Skype, the very best PC VoIP app. Additionally, it have their own counterpart for that Android. So, it is possible to install and simply use Skype from your Android. Even many of the gadgets already have it attached to them. You are able to use lots of its basic actions like chatting, file transfer etc. here. You can also get cell phone video calling and a lot of imaginative features at Skype. You can check-out my list of some of the best skype alternative VOIP softwares.

#2. Fring

When investing in used to the friend arrangement on Fring, there’s no telling whenever you stop chatting with internet friends. Fring for Android can be an innovative smartphone that allows you to communicate and stay connected with your mates inside a fun and simple-to-use ecosystem. A number calls are cost-free through their assistance as the basis can be extremely affordable. You may even find yourself paying as little as penny each and every minute. Video calling moreover live chatting capabilities also attract many people who use Fring.

#3. Truphone

It is really a free available for download from the Android marketplace in the United States moreover Great Britain. The monthly charges are low and also you acquire a great many other privilege as well. Low cost sms, generous calls to g talk along with Skype in addition to free instant messenger are one of the capabilities that you can like.What’s more, it offers integration with instant messaging moreover social networking platforms like MSN Messenger, GoogleTalk along with Twitter.

Thus, these are some of the best VOIP apps for your android device that helps us to call using our WiFi connection.

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