How Smartphones are Changing Childhood Education

For years, teachers and administrators have pushed back against smartphones as a distraction in the classroom. While it’s definitely easy to get distracted by Facebook or games, smartphones aren’t necessarily an enemy to childhood education. In fact, creative teachers are actually embracing the use of smartphones in schools as a tool for learning. Here are […]

Must-Have Apps for Google Drive Users

  Did you know that Google Drive was brought to this world after Google decided to rebrand the well-known Google Docs services? And later on Google Drive became an essential tool for document storage. Not only can it store various file formats, it also allows access to files from anywhere, thanks to mobile devices. Google […]

Wrike – Project Management Tool for Getting Things Done

Every company wants to accomplish its goals and in the process, complete its huge backlog of to-do items. Which is why efficiency and productivity are major concerns for everyone. You’d be hard pressed to find a business owner who isn’t looking for more efficient ways to improve the performance of his team. This is where […]