Must-Have Apps for Google Drive Users


Did you know that Google Drive was brought to this world after Google decided to rebrand the well-known Google Docs services? And later on Google Drive became an essential tool for document storage. Not only can it store various file formats, it also allows access to files from anywhere, thanks to mobile devices. Google Drive has quickly become a perfect solution for all busy professionals who are in constant search for extra space to put their paperwork. Google Drive app for mobile phones or tablets helps you manage your documents on the go. Although the platform has a set of valuable features that help users in day-to-day activities, there are additional apps that can further enhance the Google Drive experience. So, here is a list of must-have apps for Google Drive enthusiasts that will give you a whole new perspective on document management today.


GDrive for Google Drive

A necessary app for all dedicated Google Drive users. Why? Because it helps you read your documents, watch videos and play music files stored on Google Drive. This means you won’t come across that annoying message “Can’t open your file” any more. Now you can manage and open all files without any hustle.

Google Keep

Not that well-known app, but definitely worth mentioning. It helps you get organized and not forget anything with the help of notes and lists. Plus, it allows you to transfer your notes, all your text and images to Google Docs, so you can directly work out your ideas from there. Google Keep will win you over with its clean design and simplicity. Absolutely a must-have reminder on your iPhone or iPad.


When it come to organization and project management, Trello is the number one app. It lets you create boards to systematize easily all your work, to-dos and even a shopping list. Don’t worry if you have many documents on Google Drive you need to manage. Trello is integrated with your favourite cloud service and you can manipulate your files smoothly. There is an option to attach a document or a whole folder. Also, you can create a Google Doc directly within Trello. Get all your stuff together and get yourselves together at the same time.

PDF to Excel  

All that data and numbers can be tedious, but at least manipulating them doesn’t have to be. With PDF to Excel you can convert PDFs, Google documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from your Google Drive. Now you can extract those trapped charts in PDF and edit them without a hitch. Real time-saver, isn’t it?


If you are a photography enthusiast and you store your photos on Google Drive, then it’s high time you get this app. Just integrate Pixlr and Google Drive and playtime can begin. Edit your photos, create collages and enjoy many cool features. Once you finish your masterpiece, save it again in Drive. Better photos with better apps!

Save to Google Drive

Last, but not least, a Chrome extension that helps you save web content and images to your Google Drive. Very handy when you are doing research or looking for ideas. Forget about copying a million links and then having a hard time looking for them. Try this extension and data collection will never be the same.

Now check out these apps, explore new possibilities and get the most out of Google Drive. Enrich our list with your own favorite apps and share them in the comments.



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