Have You Ever Seen This Transparent iPhone 4?

I know the title makes your crazy.Its easy to make your iPhone 4 panel to transparent panel in simple steps. Just remove the panel and use paint thinner to remove the paint from it. All you get is a super sexy transparent panel after removing the paint which reveals the inner beauty of the Phone. Are you […]

Cases For Verizon-iPhone Will Be Available Before Launch

All knows that the iPhone for verizon has some physical changes. The mute button has slightly moved up. In this case, current iPhone cases not going to be proper. iLuv a provider of accessories for the Apple smartphone is going to launch cases and the protective films for CDMA iPhone4. This accessories will be available […]

Best Solution for Apple iPhone4 Reception Problem

Everyone knows much awaited Apple’s iPhone 4 has reception problem when you hold it by Antenna band. Every one Giving their own solution for the problem, But Apple officially Says Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of […]

Skype for iPhone: Update for iOS 4

Recently the Apple Has Introduced New iPhone 4 and also iOS 4 which is Expected to be Released on June 24th. Apple Has Bought Many Changes In iOS4. The Ultimate VOIP Provider Skype is Working on its update for iPhone and iOS 4 which will support multitasking. Apple introduces a number of changes to the software. […]