Skype for iPhone: Update for iOS 4

Recently the Apple Has Introduced New iPhone 4 and also iOS 4 which is Expected to be Released on June 24th. Apple Has Bought Many Changes In iOS4. The Ultimate VOIP Provider Skype is Working on its update for iPhone and iOS 4 which will support multitasking.

Apple introduces a number of changes to the software. Skype wants to Give Best Experience  and carrying out some additional tests with the final version of iOS 4


New Skype For iOS4 Will be available for Download Once the New Version is Complete and Ready For Launch.

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  1. great news for iPhone users…. good post 🙂

  2. Hey..Thanks for the update. Keep blogging 🙂

  3. iPhone with Skype will be great 🙂 thanks for the update.

    Btw thanks for the link luv.

  4. Within a month I will be getting iPhone 4 and thanks for the info. I am gonna download the latest version on my iPhone 3GS

  5. Oh! well indeed a great news to those Iphone fanatic 🙂

  6. Great man….Apple is rocking now a days 😛

  7. I use skype on my phone too. Thanks for the updates.

  8. Gonna update it now. Thanks for the news bro.

    – Robin

  9. Great new for ipnone user.thanks updates

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