Radiul – Document Holder For Your iPad And Laptops [Kickstarter]

We all use to create note or document by referring a PAPER. If we are creating content from a regular office or desk its little easy. But it’s really hard to type by referring a paper document on the move or places like parks, beach etc. During that time we use to hold the paper document in one hand and type with the other hand. It’s like pain in the ass.

Radiul is the perfect solution for these problems. Radiul mobile is a document holder which can be attached to any smooth surface like Laptop or tablet.


In a paperless world you might manage without Radiul, but it’s super-useful in the real world, ergonomically positioning documents before your eyes so you don’t strain to see them, and letting you be more productive when you’re away from your desk. Some of the things you can do:

  • Transcribe handwritten notes from a meeting or lecture
  • Review a marked-up printout while you update the electronic file
  • Refer to your notes while you’re writing an essay or prepping for an exam
  • Read printed instructions while you work
  • Study a photo while you hone your art skills with a drawing app
  • Hold sheet music while you practice an instrument with no music stand
  • Display a favorite photo without a frame
  • Stand up playing or game cards so only you can see them
  • Support a wine list at a cafe or an information card at a trade show

Radiul Mobile typically holds 10-15 sheets of standard 8.5 x 11” paper. Radiul Desktop typically holds up to 20 sheets and also holds pads with the cardboard backing in the groove and the paper outside of it.

Strong wind or a powerful nearby fan may dislodge papers from Radiul’s groove. If it’s really breezy, it may even cause papers to flop over. Radiul Mobile Deluxe includes a stainless steel stabilizer that fits into the channel, providing additional support if needed. A small neodymium magnet is also included to clamp papers to the stabilizer in very windy conditions; both stabilizer and magnet fit into the leather carrying case.

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