Internet Classifieds – Do They Actually Work As Advertised?

See what I did there? Yes, after the advent of the internet, classifieds have moved on too, I mean, to the world wide web.

To explain it simply, the classifieds industry’s main aim is to provide a platform for you users to sell your products. It usually this way, users are allowed for free ads posting. Meaning, you will use that platform to post your sale or you can also register a buy, for example, you can post that you want a product.

In both ways, this works best when bypassing the traditional second sales market. This is a place where that will thrive. And the platform providers are aplenty. But does it actually work? How does it help, rather than posting ads on the traditional media like the newspaper classifieds section, etc..

In my opinion, yes, it does indeed work way better than the newspaper classifieds section. First of all, you need to pay for the traditional media, whereas most internet classifieds platforms are free of cost. And it is instant, unlike the traditional media which prints your ad a day or two after you submit it. So, that’s one advantage, STRIKE ONE.

And another advantage is, unlike local newspapers, you can place ads on a website that resides on the World Wide Web, meaning anyone from this world can actually look at your posting. Considering that nobody is going to incur the hefty courier costs, but still the visibility is far better is what I am trying to say.

But are you wondering how the free platform makes money? Well, how do traditional media make money? Ads, yes, they sell ads for your ads, and there are several premium options too. For example you can pay and get your posting to the top of the search results just by simply paying the platform provider a fee. Just like paying for a highlighted classified in traditional media, but this works way better.

So, considering the points above, looks like the internet classifieds are here to stay, and forever.

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