Hackers Port Siri To iPhone 4, iPod Touch

Enterprising developers have successfully managed to port the iPhone 4S‘s novel feature, Siri, back onto the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. The news contradicts what Apple have told us (and let us infer) about the system’s CPU and memory requirements, with the application running at full speed on the single core iPhone 4.

The news comes a few days after the same group released word that they were making progress, having successfully ported the app to the iPhone 4 but were running into difficulties getting Siri to authenticate properly with the Apple servers, which look to ensure that the device requested the data is an iPhone 4S.

With this burden out of the way thanks to a clever software spoof, the details of which haven’t been revealed, Siri can now work at full capacity on older iPhone and iPod devices. There is a small sticking point with Siri’s compatibility with the iPod touch, which is that because the microphone is much worse on that gadget you’ll have to speak more loudly and clearly than you would on an iPhone. Still, it works.

The team that discovered the secret haven’t announced when they’ll release the exploit openly for others to download, as they want to ensure that the hack doesn’t mess with any of the iPhone’s other features.

They are also being wary of a blocking move by Apple, as because the Siri heavy lifting is done on Apple servers, they can remove access to the iPhone 4 fairly easily if they discover the vulnerability that is being exploited. Still, one of the developers has claimed that the exploit will be released as it’s been confirmed as safe.

It’s an excellent first move in what should be an entertaining and long-running game between hackers and Apple, as the hackers seek to find loopholes and Apple seeks to close them. Stay tuned here to see when this exploit is finally released for human consumption.

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