First Official iPhone 4S 1080p Music Video

Apple’s new iPhone is powered by dual core processor and also has 8-megapixel camera with all new optics, it can shoot video in 1080p

You can check our sampple photos taken with iPhone 4S camera

The Turnback is the talents of Todd Giglio (vocals, guitar and keyboards), Kenny Sherman (vocals, guitar, bass) and Barry Nagel (drums, guitars, keyboards), Todd Scheduled this music video shoot for their new single Cellophane Sky as soon as he got his pre ordered iPhone 4S

Fortunately received my 2 iPhone 4S’s on Friday (after UPS almost failed to deliver them) and I had already planned on shooting a video Sunday Oct. 16th (even paid for the location and had many extras ready to perform). Anyway, after 3 grueling days editing without much rest, the video is done. I have to say that I am COMPLETELY blown away by this little camera. Thanks you Apple!

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