Find How Many Girls And Boys Attending Events On Facebook

In Facebook you can create events and invite friends. Its easy to track immediately that who are all attending the event. Google Chrome Extention developer “Assaf” has developed a super cool extension called “JotPop for Facebook”  to checkout the girls and guys attending Facebook event. Its a funny and crazy idea, now you guys will surly check the events invites you have received. This is cool for both girls and boys to make a decision to attend an event or not 😛

Download and install “JotPop for Facebook” from chrome web store. Restart Chrome to make the extension work.

Now go and select the event. You will see a yellow button near “see all”  name JotPop. Just hit it and you will see the magic 🙂


You can see the girls and boys with counts and thumbnails 🙂

All the names and Faces of the girls are removed for safe-work

Download JotPop for Facebook Chrome Extension.

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  1. Thanks so much bro, I did not knew it. I always wanted to create an event. I wondering if an event is only a conference or can be a special post or download on a blog. Anyway, I just donwload this tool, it is can be used to know how many girls and boys attending my next events on Facebook.

  2. Cool extension… Installed..!

  3. Awesome Trick Bro. will install that now.

  4. Hi,

    I didn’t knew about JotPop untill now and I got to admit the fact that this plugin is really great and useful. I am a very big fan of the number 1 Social Network on the Planet – Facebook, I’m really glad to be a user of Facebook, the number 1 social network. I bet Mark Zuckerberg is totally proud that his social network got so BIG and his social network became a SEO and marketing essential element. Thank you for sharing these great tips. Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,


  5. I came across a similar extension but it does not look as cool as this. But anyway having a confirmation facility like this proves to be useful. This holds true especially for planning purposes since you have inputs on the extent of participation to a certain event.

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