5 Best Sites To Search Old Tweets

Twitter has become one of the best ways to express your thoughts and interests in public. If you have been using Twitter for a long, then you must be using Twitter as a platform to express your daily happenings with other people.

Your tweets represent your state of mind. You can enter into the history and flow of emotions by going through the old tweets. But Twitter does not allow you to search for tweets more than 7 days old. Well, you don’t need to care about these restrictions as some third-party sites allow you to search for old tweets. Let’s have a look at the best out of them.

Search Old Tweets

1. Topsy

The best site to search for your old tweets. The moment you enter in their website, the next moment, you are ready to search for old tweets. Search for tweets based on keywords. You can narrow your search by setting up the time and date filter to see the tweets posted on any particular date.

2. Snap Bird

Snap Bird allows you to search for few months’ old tweet. You can search for tweets based on number of filters like; Your own timeline, the tweets in which you are mentioned and many other criteria. This saves your time to find the tweets of your taste, with speed.

3. BackTweets
If you don’t want to enter into the world of puzzles and want to get the job done with simplicity, then Backtweets is for you. Simple search bar is right there, when you open this website. You can search for tweets containing any particular URL, hashtag, username and any keyword. Backtweets will show you tweets instantly and you can click on ‘More Tweet’ at the bottom, in order to see more tweets related to your search query.

4. ReSearch.ly

Wasting your time in going through the bunch of tweets is not any wise thing to do. ReSearch.Ly knows the value of your time and thus offers many filters to use while searching for old tweets. You can filter the results by male or female, positive or negative. Moreover you can check the popularity of any search term in the charts. Although this service is free to use but without registration, you can only make 10 searches in a day. You can remove this restriction by signing up there, which does not cost you anything.

5. Tweet Scan

With Tweet Scan, you can search for old tweets and can also take backup of them for later offline access. Out of all the features of Tweet Scan, the one I like the most is ‘Search Cloud’, which shows you the recent searches made by other users. So what are you waiting for? Give these sites, a try now. Work from anywhere on any device and access your Windows Applications with a virtual cloud desktop by CloudDesktopOnline.com . For cloud related business software such as SharePoint, Office365, try Apps4Rent .

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