3 Ways To Market Your Blog For More Traffic

When it comes to building a successful blog it is very important to realize that you won’t just get results by creating a beautiful looking blog. To really get results as a blogger you need to constantly work on marketing your blog for more traffic and since there are already over 152 million visitors it is becoming very difficult to get traffic.

I have also struggled to get traffic for months on my medifast and nutrisystem blogs and it was a really frustrating experience. After trying to learn more on the subject of marketing and traffic generation I have been able to learn a few tricks.

The tips below worked for my blog, the fact that your blog is in a different niche doesn’t mean they won’t work – in fact they are highly effective in every niche.

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Market your Blog Using Guest Blogging

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I didn’t start my blog with the sole aim of being an expert at things related to nutrisystem and medifast – I had different plans entirely but over time I discovered that the best way to get results is by capitalizing on a small aspect for my niche. Once I realized that aspect I started focusing my efforts on branding my blog for it – and the best way I could do that is by guest blogging.

Guest blogging makes it easy for you to brand your blog and create exposure for yourself. If a lot of people start seeing your name pop up on blogs across your field they will be observing what your guest post is all about and might even end up visiting your blog – at the end of the day you will be recognized for what you talk about and will eventually be seen as an expert in your field.

Get Your Readers to Spread the Word

The next step you have to take once you’ve been able to build a brand using guest blogging is to get your readers to spread the word. When it comes to marketing your blog you will have to invest a lot of effort initially – but over time you need to leave the work for your readers.

It is important that you design your blog to better present your content while at the same time including options that make it easy for your readers to share your content. The easier you make sharing your content for readers the more likely they are going to help you spread the word.

Create a System to Retain Your Visitors

The final step you have to take here is to create a system that will help you retain visitors to your blog.

The best kind of traffic you can get to your blog is repeat traffic so instead of looking for new ways to generate traffic at all times you can get more results by creating a system that is focused on retaining your website visitors. This system can vary depending on your field – you can easily decide to drive that traffic to your Facebook page, to your Twitter account, to your blog RSS feed or better still, to your email list. What matters most is that you make it easy for readers to be able to read your future updates.


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