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Why to write for us?

So its that time when you start writing for a passion, money, to improve your Skill,.. what ever!

Here at DigiSecrets you will be guided on what to write, how to write (for beginners), your articles can be proof-read if required, with all assistance your words goes online in this social web and is read by the millions of consistent visitors of ours!

With the content that stay up-to-date with the globe’s rotation and the technological revolution, there is neither a void for topics that you can write nor the visitors for the site to get a grasp and hold of what’s hot and what’s not in the technobiz!

Your Role!

New guest writers will be treated as contributers, if your performance in good you will be moved to the next level in DigiSecrets. contributers can only read, write and edit the posts.

Guidelines  for guest writers?

No affiliate link

You will be given author credits in the author bio for your articles .

You are allowed to use upto 2 do follow back links to your articles if it is relevant to the post.

Do add relevant images and videos.

If the images are taken around the web, please do provide credits  to the original creators.

What will you get in return?

You will be getting backlinks,

You will be getting a lots of traffic to your blog.

How to get your writing space ?

Just mail us at admin[at]digisecrets[dot]com