15 Most Popular Twitter Clients [InfoGraphic]

Twitter is one of the popular Micro Blogging Platform. There are lots of applications available for accessing twitter from both PC and Mobile Devices. Here is the Infographic of Top 15 Twitter Application and the First Place is goes to TWEETDECK

Infographic - Top 15 Twitter Applications

I use TweetDeck for PC and Snaptu, Gravity for Accessing Twitter on Mobile, how about ? what application u use for PC and Mobile??

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  1. I use Tweetdeck from my laptop .

  2. I am using Hootsuite from my PC…and I don’t access Twitter from my mobile.

  3. I am using Tweedeck and I just love it. I also use Hootsuite. I think it is a better alternative to Tweetdeck. Being web based, it is quite easy to use and operate. Thanks for sharing this information with us. very useful.

  4. Cool article bro! Currently I’m using Tweedeck, but I want to start trying Hootsuite. I think it is full of features.

  5. I am using “clicktweet” 🙂 …

  6. Tweetdeck is the best for PC twitter..for mobile.. Snaptu, Tweets60 and Gravity works fine..

  7. I use Tweetdeck from my pc

  8. I am using tweetdeck desktop client along with mobile tweetie for my mobile.

  9. Nice infographics……..Im using Tweetdeck…. 🙂

  10. I am also using tweetdeck for PC and Tweetie 2 for iphone.

  11. tweetdeck is mostly used by everyone, me too…. and the other list is also good to use… thanks.

  12. Is there a difference between UberTwitter and ÃœberTwitter? If not, doesn’t it beat TweetDeck with the sum?

    Anyways, I’m using TweetDeck for PC and T. for iPhone for.. well you know.. 🙂

  13. It’s nice to see an interesting post about Twitter and social networking every now and again. Nice one, ta for a great read!

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