WordPress Plugin For Official Twitter Count Button

Yesterday Twitter has launched its official Twitter Share count button. It is an awesome and great move by twitter. Many bloggers started using Twitter buttons and dumping Tweetmeme and others. Here is a wordpress plugin for adding official twitter count button for your wordpress blogs. I have used this plugin and its simple to use. It also has lots of options to Customize it!


Via : http://blogsessive.com/blogging-tools/twitter-button-wordpress-plugin/

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  1. Twitter official share count button looks really cool 🙂

  2. WordPress is still complicated to me 🙁

  3. Yesh , twitter button looks superb 🙂 . Implemented on my blog , will help a lot to combat spam as it does not show full hyperlink or shortened url like tweetmeme .

  4. They took so long to bring this feature, anyways good to use official one.

  5. Will try it. Look interesting =)

  6. I too notified this plug- in,I think they have combined with tweetmeme…

  7. I am now using blogger platform and wordpress is not comfortable for me,but I am looking forward to move in future

  8. Glad to use the official Tweet Button bro! It also have a lot of cool new features which others don’t!

  9. Twitter share count button looks awesome….

    keep writing

  10. Twitter has been one of the most popular networking sites right now, like Facebook. Since many people are using it, why don’t bloggers take advantage of it. This twitter count button can help you site popularity and your performance as a blog post writer.

    • Actually Bloggers use Twitter and Facebook for promotions, Who Said bloggers are not taking advantage of Twitter?

      • No, no… What I mean is that… If bloggers are using Twitter and other social networking sites, they must grab the opportunity to use this plugin to make their lives much easier to manually monitor their sharing count for Twitter.

  11. Nice twitter button and also excellent designs….

    Thanks for the article….

  12. I personally like the button.

  13. nice button.. Love it..

  14. thans for sharing

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