WordPress 3.1 Beta 2 Released

WordPress is the ultimate blogging platform with over 14 million blogs hosted around the globe. Recently WordPress has announced the second beta version of WordPress 3.1.  Here is a Haiku from WordPress officials


Practice makes perfect
is what they say about things,
but sometimes it’s not.

In this case it is
not practice but refinement,
and then more testing.

You can help WordPress!
Now: 3.1, beta 2
is here; needs testing.

But! Remember this:
Only install on test sites,
as YMMV.

With this new wordpress update there will be lots of bug fix and improvements.

Note: Don’t test the beta in a live website

Get WordPress 3.1 Beta 2

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  1. Thanks for sharing 🙂 will check it offline.

  2. Thanks for reminder me this bro. Have you already updated it! I hope there will be no problem 🙂

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