Will iPhone Apps Work On iPod Nano?

The other day, I was just checking through the internet for some iPod Nano 6th gen goodies. I’ve gone through many exciting accessories for iPod Nano, but a small doubt raised in my mind that can we run apps or games that we run comfortably on our iPhone or iPad or iPod touch on our iPod Nano as well?

I know that Apple have introduced some basic applications in iPod Nano. Apple iPad Nano runs on the simplified iOS version. It is always claimed that iPod Nanos or Shuffles are always left out for only entertainment, while other products like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch are enjoying millions and millions of applications which are enhancing the usage and reliability. Though iPod Nano is having some basic applications (officially fixed apps from apple), it doesn’t support any third party applications. I know this sound like how to install android on pc which is one of the crazy things that you’d imaging like how come we want to have Android OS on our PCs?

iPod Nano

But again, we wonder that iPod Nano’s 6th version iOS is a simplified version, whose full version is running on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, so why can’t they provide scope for us to enjoy the juice of minimal applications?

So, is it the fact that Apple wants us to use iPod Nano or Shuffle for Entertainment, iPhone for calling, iPad for Business?

Are they taking care of the fact that there shouldn’t any clash or competition between their own products?

The answer might be yes, because other brands like Samsung, Motorola have introduced calling feature in their Tablets, but Apple still doesn’t care about it. Is that fair enough?

To be frank, I simply love my iPod Nano and I can’t live without it. It keeps me away from getting bored while travelling and I believe it is one of the greatest gadgets with really small size which you can afford to carry like a pen in your pocket. If you are interested in buying iPod nano, check out the exciting deals of iPod Nano at Tesco.

Our 6th gen iPod Nano comes with some of the pre-installed apps that are officially created by Apple like FM radio Tuner, clock, photo viewer, pedometer. Few people are trying to jailbreak iPod Nano in order to make it support the third party apps, but still there aren’t any signs of official jailbreaking. One of the major reasons will be the hardware and the screen size. iPod nano comes with pretty minimal processing aspects with smaller screen and for running the applications, they might require some high end graphics or other stuff which it doesn’t have.

I know this can be one of the most controversial things that are buzzing around, but still most of the people are expecting a keen update from Apple that allows them to enjoy apps and games on their iPod Nano, instead of using it for just Music and Video. So, finally I’d like to conclude that as of now, we cannot run iPhone apps on our iPod nano.

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