Why Your Broadband Internet Connection Is Not Effective On Your Computer?

It can be really frustrating when you invest your time and effort into doing a lot of research prior to choosing that broadband internet connection that got the most votes only to find it ineffective on your computer. Choosing the right broadband internet connection service is a smart idea but you also need to realize that your computer plays a major role in how fast your broadband internet connection will be. This article will be giving you a few reasons why your broadband internet connection is not effective on your computer.

Your Computer is Too Slow

The first thing you need to look into if you are not enjoying your broadband internet connection on your computer is the speed of your computer. In most cases a lot of people complain about their broadband internet connection being very slow when what is really slow is their computer.

Try to take a look at how fast your computer boots up, how many minutes or seconds on average it takes to load a single application and how long it takes to open your favorite browser. Also try to compare your current computer speed to when you just bought it and try to see if there has been a significant decrease in the speed or if there is hardly any difference. Doing these alone will give you a great insight into whether your computer is what is really slow or whether the problem is with your internet connection.


Your Computer has been infected by a Virus

In most cases when people complain of experiencing slow broadband internet speeds the real problem isn’t actually with their computer being slow but with the fact that it has been infected by a virus.

Over a million computers are infected by thousands of different types of viruses every year and the way these viruses function depends on who programmed them and what his/her aim is. There are some viruses that download the file in your computer and send them to their programmer and as a result contribute to your internet connection being slow.

Make sure you do the right research and install the right applications to help you check your computer for viruses before you make conclusions about what might be wrong with it.

You have too many Bandwidth-Consuming Applications

Is it that cool game that is always uploading your scores to the internet or that widget that you installed on your computer? Those small insignificant applications can do a lot to contribute to your computer being very slow.

If you are not enjoying your broadband internet connection on your computer you might also want to check your computer to make sure there aren’t any bandwidth-consuming applications installed – if you notice that you have any such applications installed then you should uninstall the ones you don’t really need and limit the access other applications have.

It might also help you to install a firewall application that can give you complete control on what application is able to use your internet connection and when it is able to do so.

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