What should we Expect from the iPhone 6s?

While the Apple watch may be the technology giant’s major release in 2015, customers should also brace themselves for the launch of the iOS 7 and the next iPhone. Although are many discussing this in terms of the iPhone 7, if Apple continue their recent history they are far more likely to release an interim handset that features only minimal modifications from the last offering. This smartphone would be packaged and sold as the iPhone 6s, and would be scheduled for release in autumn next year.


In terms of the most recent rumours, Apple suppliers Foxconn are believed to have made plans to spend an estimated $2.6 billion on a sapphire plant in Taiwan. This is with a view to Apple using the material to create the iPhone 6s display, before production would begin in the spring of 2015. While all of these rumours have yet to be officially confirmed, if they were true it would suggest that the handset had already been designed and was simply awaiting one or two minor alterations.

Apple appear to be a brand of habit, and given the significant changes that were made to the iPhone 6 and the iOS 8 operating system, this is unlikely to be followed by further, large-scale changes. After all, the iOS 8 represented a major overhaul for the brand, with everything from productivity and the graphic representation of resources such as the Casino app from Platinum Play enhanced considerably. While these modifications may well be takenslightly further, the iOS 9 update and the already highly anticipated iPhone 6s will simply fix existing bugs and enhance the existing user experience.

In terms of specification, the main issue revolves around whether or not Apple will retain the larger screen of the iPhone 6 Plus or the traditional iPhone 6 screen. The latter is thought to be preferred by Apple consumers, despite the growing popularity of large-display smartphones such as the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy range.

If this is the case, we can expect to Apple revert to their 4.7 inch display while also evolving the upgrades that they made through the iOS 8. In this respect, the potential launch of the iPhone 6s is likely to offer subtle improvements to the Apple customer experience and lay the foundations for an iPhone 7 release in 2016.

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