Veho MUVI X-Lapse 360 Rotating Camera Mount [Review]

Are you interested in photography ? In that case you will have lots of equipment to take awesome photos. I recently bought Veho MUVI X-Lapse 360 camera mount to take time lapse photography. With Veho MUVI you can take 360 degree time lapse photography with ease.

Veho MUVI X-Lapse 360 Rotating Camera Mount 4

MUVI X-Lapse is a 360 degree rotating camera mount. It is small, portable  and comes with mobile holder to hold your mobile phone. MUVI X-Lapse camera mount has both male and female 1/4 inch mounting threads, which helps us to mount any camera up to 750 grams and also any mobile phones. This MUVI X-Lapse camera mount can be attached to any tripod. It also has inbuilt support legs to hold your camera steady in case if you are not using any tripods.

MUVI X-Lapse camera mount has four different settings. We can easily create 90 degree (15 minutes), 180 degree (30 minutes), 270 degree (45 minutes), 360 degree (60 minutes) time-lapse films.

All we have to do is to rotate the mount to the appropriate time and power on the camera or mobile phone to take pics. Once the rotation is completed the MUVI X-Lapse will ring a traditional bell to alert us. This mount is one of the best mobile phone accessories for mobile photographers. This camera mount is priced at $45 and absolutely value for the money.

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