Use Custom URL Shortener With Official Twitter Button – WordPress Plugin

In my last post I wrote a tutorial about how URL shortener can be integrated with tweetmeme. Today I was Searching for some plugins and came up with one Good Plugin for WordPress users! Yes the the plugin allows you to add custom URL shortener to official Twitter button. The guys form snowballfactory developed this plugin .

According to the Author the Following are the Features Supported by this plugin.

  • Configure the placement of the button on your posts: top; bottom; top & bottom; or manual
  • Choose the type of Twitter tweet button you want: vertical count; horizontal count; or no count
  • Optionally use,,,, or tinyurl to shorten the links shared through the tweet button (default is Twitter’s
  • Specify the via Twitter username to be included at the end of the tweet and in the recommended users to follow screen after the tweet
  • Optionally add the author of a given post to the recommended users to follow screen after the tweet (requires the author to enter their Twitter username in their WP profile)
  • Disable the button on Pages
  • Localize the button in the languages Twitter supports (currently English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese)
  • Specify additional user accounts to recommend

Tweet Button with Custom URL Shortener

You can easily add your custom URL shortener to the Twitter button with this plugin.

Note: When I tested this plugin. By default the shortener is used, but when you click on the short link it redirects to the post using the custom URL shortener provided you( or any provided by you)..

You can Get this Plugin from here

I think this is one good plugin for wordpress users who uses official Twitter button for sharing the posts! Do share your views about this plugin!

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  1. Great post Karth. I have not had time to integrate the URL shortener with tweetmeme, and you have already shared another way to use custom URL shortener with theTwitter button. Now I have a lot of material in my desk to help me increase the site traffic. Thanks for sharing this great plugin :)))

  2. URL shortener plugin for twitter seems nice 🙂 but i am using tweetmeme buttons.

  3. It only means that people don’t need anymore for this process since there’s a useful plugin that they can actually make use of. Much easier than ever because at one click, everything will be available for the user.

  4. Nice and useful. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up 🙂

  5. Hi karthi..

    It is my first visit to your blog and you are doing great job here. Nice wordpress plugin suggestion, could be useful for wordpress freaks. Looking forward more good blogs.


  6. Great Karthikeyan,
    Use Custom URL Shortener With Official Twitter Button – WordPress Plugin. I really enjoyed reading it and i am looking forward for more posts. thanks for sharing this information.

  7. i like shortener url thank’s for your share 😉 nice for comment… luv good luck

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