Transfer Files Through WiFi in Nokia Mobiles

Now a Days Mobile Phones are Used As mini PC, they are much used for Camera, Music Playback, Video and Surfing.. But Transfer of Files is Only Possible through USB cables between PC and Mobile Phone.

Why Are you Still using same old USB transfer While you can Transfer Without Wires?

Now there is an Option of Transferring Files through Wifi With the Help of  Telexy.Networks.SymSMB. SymSMB is a mobile Software For Nokia S60 3rd edition NSeries and ESeries devices. But i Also Works on S60V5 Like Nokia 5800 XM, Nokia 97 and other Touch mobile Which have In-built WIFI.

SymSMB is

-Easy to Use

-Two Directional



With SymSMB you can:

– work with your phone’s files from a computer through “Network Neighborhood” without any additional software on the computer

– access your phone from different operating systems.

In the Below Screen Shot Can Clearly See My mobile(Karthik 5800) And PC(Karthik-PC) in Network Neighborhood Mobile 😀

Transfer Files Through WiFi in Nokia Mobiles

How to Install and Configure SymSMB?

1. You Must Install SymSMB on your mobile.

2. You Must Have Wifi Router or Modem and PC connected to it 🙂

After Installing :

1. Open SymSMB,You can See 3 Options (My Phone, Network neighborhood, Control Panel)

2. In My Phone You Can See The Disk Available in Phone!

3. Goto Control Panel there You Can See 4 Options

– Accounts

– Connections

– Network Drives

– Shares

4. Goto Control panel ->Accounts -> Options -> New =>

-There Will Be to Field User and Password

-Enter the Username and Password of the Computer

Note : This is Required IF the Sharing of Network is Password Protected in PC

5. Goto Control panel -> Connections -> Options -> New =>

-Give Your Desired name in name Field, In Workgroup Enter Workgroup, in Access point Select Your WIFI Modem, Change to Enable in Autoconnect

-Save the Settings Now you See Your Phone Name in Connection

6.Goto Control Panel / Shares – Options -> New ->

-Select the Folder to Share in the Phone Save

Now You See the Shared Folders in Control Panal/Shares

Select The Folder – Goto Options – Permissions

In Permission Can Select Everyone or Desired User(Where You Created in Accounts)

NOTE : In order to Protect Your Data Never Share the Entire Disk With Every one. Always Create a New Folder With Empty Files to Share with Everyone.

Now You Have Successfully Configured Your Control Panel

Now Goto Network Neighborhood Select the WiFi Modem u Want to Access Give Some time ! now u can See the List of Computes Connected in that Modem and u can Access the Files Shared by the PC. Likewise You Can also Access your Mobile Shared Files Through Your Computer. This also Works with Other Phones Connected to the WiFi! 🙂

If u Have Further Questions Feel Free to Contact Me ! 🙂

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  4. Not always we have a wi-fi feature in our system and usually we don’t have any and that’s why USB port still much more useful.
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  5. Hello karthik…this really is quite useful and informative post. You are always coming up with something interesting. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing this info with us.
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  6. Oh even my 3G samsung lacks a wifi. BTW you told that only usb is used for connecting, bluetooth and infrared should also be included. Thanks for sharing 🙂
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  7. Great tutorial as usual Bro! I will try it on the Nokia of my brother. Thanks for sharing.
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  8. I never transfer files through wifi before. Maybe will try it. Thanks =)
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  9. Great tutorial bro:) let me give it a try 🙂

  10. very informative and well explained post.

    Thanks for sharing.:)
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  11. Nice and detailed tutorial! Will try it for sure, one time.
    Thanks for s haring K!

  12. Thanks Karthikeyan for this great Tutorial.

  13. wow thats nice, thank u karthick for your information

  14. nitin vaid says

    i am using this application from last year and its working perfectly

  15. nitin vaid says

    i am not able to connect getting error host unreachable but i am using this application from last years and it works great but now i dont know what happen please help me

  16. Hey thanks for the post, it was very useful 🙂

  17. dude can i have the download link for that application please.. can u mail me or something


  18. Hey Karthikeyan, I’ve done everything to last step and I’m stuck at “Now Goto Network Neighborhood Select the WiFi Modem u Want to Access” when I select my WiFi it says:
    Unknown error
    Description – Unknown error
    Hex – 0x000006e
    Decimal – -1073741714

    Please help me, and Computer Username and Password is my computer profile? On which I have no password…
    Explain me please 😛 thank you!

    • Hi Rocky. In Network neighborhood u have to use ur Computer User Account name and Password so that u can access the files in the computer, make sure u set the sharing permissions in the folder.. if still the problem access restart modem and ur mobile !

  19. I restarted phone and modem and same problem appear, I succeed sending files from computer to mobile once, but when I wanted to enter PC error appeared again, everything is set how it need to be, only I don’t have a password on User but it doesn’t matter, maybe lower version of app will work? What you think?

    • Rockey i too experienced the same problem when i tried. it may be due to mobile app. i think it may be solved in newer versions!!

      I also Advice you u can do all stuffs from PC.. the other problem I experienced is when i was transferring large file mobile device hangs up and getting heated up!!

      I am currently not using that app, but i will let you know in 2 or 3 days!
      Thanks for the Reply and Visiting my blog.
      Have a Great Upcoming days..

      • Hey Karthikeyan 🙂

        I solved my problem, it was PC access problem, I wasn’t able to access my computer from another computer too, so I changed permission and now everything works fine!
        😀 😀 😀

        Thank you for your help very much! 😛

  20. Hello Karthikeyan, i am Pushparaj, final year engineering student, and our project group has decided to do mobile peer to peer using wifi, which will include chat and conferancing is it feasible? please reply


  21. yes, but we are mainly developing it for small range, like in case of a collage campus with a main WIFI router, but we dont know how to start, we are planing to do it using J2ME using JXME/JXTA protocols, but we are not sure weather it will be a work because we have only one year to complite the project and we are still confused, if u have any idea how to go about then please guid us.


  22. From where I get this software Symsmb
    Please provide a link????

  23. Sayan Sambit says

    Hey, Karthikeyan, am not able to access pc data on my mobile…but able to do vice-versa….
    plz help me!!

    just tell me what all i have to do….coz ive done everything told here…..but still no luck!!

    • If u cant able to access your PC then u must have shared the PC with Settings that the user name and password is required to enter your PC !

      What Operating system u are using ?

      • Sayan Sambit says

        using windows 7…..

        nope….i automatically start using my computer on starting it w/o giving any username and password!!

        thats what is astonishing,…and now…when i try to select my wifi via network neighbourhood on mobile…getting an error..which wasnt previously there!!!

        and so not even able to see my shared drives now…atleast was able to see the drives before!!

  24. android wifi manager is amazing software ,much easier to start with new comers,very fast
    try it


  25. Aaquib Shaikh says

    thnx buddie !!!
    i was dying for one such thing to transfer data wirelessly !!!

    thnx a lot !!

    i really appreciate your work !!!
    even the app is cracked by binpda !!!

    thumbs up bro !!!

  26. Sayan Sambit says

    Dude…help me out…as told earlier…not able to access my PC drives on my mobile..but easily able to do vice versa!!!

  27. Amrut Bairy says

    I am using Nokia 6220c and recently purchased Nokia N8. I have around 11450 msgs in my 6220c which i wanna transfer to N8. I tried to transfer them through Phone switch thrice, but it’s taking ages to do the transfer. Thrice the whole night I have kept, but everytime at different stages it stops, e.g. once it stopped at 3500 msgs and then next time at 4200 and the last time at 4800. Please lemme know if there is any other method for transferring the data. I just need those msgs.

  28. Hi…
    Im using symSMB on my e71 and Netportal in IpodT4G.
    the problem is netportal can’t read the share folder i create in symSMB.
    Do you have any idea to sort this things out.
    Thx Heaps

  29. Really its a kewl soft.. i hope this ill be usefull for most users of Nokia Wifi Users… Even i was searching for this long days… just now i got for my 5800 XM..

  30. dat was nyc tutorial..but im facing problem..i followed ur instructions…but after selecting the my home wifi through network neighbourhood…it says connect as nd ask for username (mandatory) and password…after giving a desired username it says unknown error…wht should i do..

  31. i entered d username of my computer nd i hv nt set any password to login into my d error is still dere…
    should i install symsmb in phone memory or memory card and does it require python..

  32. how can i search my mobile via my desktop??

  33. it is working now…i can access my phone through my d vice versa also possible..if yes then how can i do that..

  34. Hi Karthink,

    thanks for this nice tutorial. i have done all things on my nokia e52 as mentioned in tutorial. further more i creat an adhoc pc to pc network on my pc so that it could be found on mobile. i search network on mobile throgh network neighborhood it was found but could not be connected and shows an error “not ready” and deails of the error are as follows.

    description: Not ready
    Hex: 0xffffffee
    Decimal: -18

    pls help me on this. i think i am making mistake while creating connection as i might me created some other way..

  35. hey i tried searching over google but appl that i git was not supporting E71.

    Could u please mail me on my [email protected]

    thank you very very much.


  36. Varun Jain says

    alright, setup everything, but I’m unable to access my mobile on my pc as a networked computer! where do i find it? in my network places > view workgroup computers, right?

  37. very cool program thx for this dude,
    i have connected both my n8 to Pc and can acces the folders from both (pc to phone and phone to pc) but when i try to open a mp3 or a video file on my n8 which is located on pc, it gives error, i can open txt and jpegs but not videos or mp3 files..

  38. Rajith.MarL says

    Thanks Dude….. Simply Awesome…… 100% Working…… 🙂 🙂

  39. bro i have hw u told above…i can access pc from mobile….but i cannot access my mobile from pc…it gives error….windows cannot acess myphone

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