Total Agenda – Smart Time And Task Management App For Android

Time and task management is most important skill for any professional or business person, in busy schedule one can easily forget to note the task to his planner. Total agenda is a time and task management app for android users, which satisfies the most needs to schedule and manage the tasks and to-do lists. Total Agenda uses your Google tasks and calender to store the task and to-do lists. Total Agenda Features:

  • Agenda view is the most useful for everyday planning. So we grouped calendar events and tasks together on one list.
  • Displays agenda for each day, so that you could check what needs to be done tomorrow. And the day after..
  • Your time is valuable and you do not want to spend much time just planning. So we minimized number of user taps for adding, editing and deleting items.
  • There is a full sync for Google calendar and tasks (GTasks).
  • Everything as it should work in order to keep you organized: recurring events, reminder alarms and multiple calendars.
  • Smart date and time pickers.

Total Agenda is Developed by PIM SYSTEMS.

Total Agenda is available on Android Market at Free of cost.

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