Top Five HTML 5 Games

Since launched in October 2014, HTML5 has taken the gaming world to a whole new level. It has become the preferred game development platform since it has support for cross-platform applications and is compatible with Mobile browsers as well. HTML5 has plenty of features that help programmers to develop accelerated graphics for games using the native web code. It has new syntactical elements that will allow developers to seamlessly integrate graphical content and multimedia to the web without using flash or 3rd party plugins. Previously Adobe Flash was the favourite choice for developing browser based games, but it has lost its position to HTML5 now. This is mainly because Flash plugin is too heavy for mobile platforms and is not compatible with Smartphones. HTML5 developments offer a lightweight solution which is suitable for both Web-based and Mobile platforms. Here we have listed some interesting and popular games that have been developed using HTML5,

  1. HexGL

Genre: Arcade, Racing

If you are someone who loves racing games, then there are chances you may fall in love with HexGL the futuristic racing game with 16-bit SNES graphics has been designed using HTML5, JavaScript and WebGL. The game performs really well on any modern browser and is a tribute to Sony’s Wipeout. You will be amazed by the graphics quality and fast-paced nature of the game. Players have to control a space ship by using their keyboard, touch screen or a Leap motion controller. They should manage the speed of the space ship and avoid hitting the walls as they go forward. They can also gain speed boosts if they hit the blue panels along the way.

  1. Cross-Code

Genre: Role Playing Game

This is an action-packed adventure role playing game set in the distant future. Though it is a 2D game, it has superior quality graphics which will keep the players hooked for hours. Cross-Code is a futuristic game with loads of quests, puzzles, combos, skill sets and a lot more. It has a gripping SciFi story that draws the attention of the players. The fast-paced combat system and detailed movement system adds to the engaging game mechanics.

  1. Swoop

Genre: Arcade

Swoop is a 3D flight game developed using HTML5 by PlayCanvas, the most popular WebGL game engine. The players have to fly around and collect stars and gems in a colourful and vibrant 3D world. The flight circles around a beautiful 3D island designed using HTML5 canvas. The game mechanics are very simple and requires users to left-click their mouse to make the plane go up. You can get power-ups and coins if you hit them while flying. If you don’t collect enough stars in certain time, your plane will lose fuel and crash on the island.

  1. Book of Ra

Genre: Video Slots

Book of Ra is one of the more popular casino games developed by Novomatic. Every slot player in the world has to see 5 Indiana Jones or 5 Books of Ra characters to win. This amazing slots game has smoothly rendered graphics with 5 reels, 9 lines and 10 different symbols along with a bonus feature. This has been the favourite video slot game of online gamblers for several years. The bets are placed on the odd lines namely 1,3,5,7 and 9. The bonus feature offers players with 10 free spins and chances to double your winnings. The game has a fairly simple user interface with interactive control panel, excellent algorithm and amazing graphics.

  1. TagPro

Genre: Arcade, Multi-player game

TagPro is a digital version of traditional Capture the flag game. TagPro is a real-time multiplayer game where you have to capture your enemy’s flag along with your team and bring it back to your home base in order to gain victory.  Your enemies will also try to steal your flag which you should prevent with solid blocks. If your enemy team captures your flag, you can pop them by ramming your ball into them. The first team to capture 3 enemy flags will win the game. The game has smooth graphics rendered through its HTML5 engine which also make the online gameplay fairly easy and addictive. Each player will have control of a rolling ball as it moves across the grid and collides with other players. The game has become very popular recently, and there is a growing community which opens up opportunities for premade teams and serious competitive play. It requires a great teamwork, coordination, split-second timing mad juking skills to win this game.


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