Top Chrome Apps For Online Collaboration

If there is one tool that business owners need to integrate into their daily operation then it is Google, as this global online resource continues to evolve and provide significant commercial benefits. Ever since Facebook emerged as the world’s most visited website in 2010, Google have responded with a series of ground breaking innovations and reclaimed their status as the world’s most purposeful website.

Subsequently, Google Chrome has also emerged as a one of the most popular online browsers available, and the primary reason for this is the number of collaborative tools that it has within its armoury. Small and independent business owners have a particular fondness for Google Chrome, and the assistance that it provides in helping them to improve their performance.

The Top Three Chrome Apps for Online Collaboration

With this in mind, which three Google Chrome apps offer the most value to business owners? Consider the following: –

1.  Vyew: The concept of online interaction is now widely utilized by businesses across the globe, and it has proved crucial in allowing international collaboration and partnerships. Vyew is one of several apps that delivers web conferencing functionality to users, by giving them access to a real time whiteboard and further document collaboration tools. Multiple users can join in a session and form part of a virtual conscience, or simply watch a stream from the host’s desktop. Vyew is so popular as it goes beyond the fundamental web conference principles, as it creates a genuine and real time meeting environment.

2. Mint: With the economic climate providing a significant obstacle to business success, finance applications have proven crucial in helping firms to manage their money. Mint is available through Google Chrome and offers outstanding financial management tools to individuals and business owners alike, and these features can also be used to improve the levels of communication and interaction between you and your accounts team. If you would like to gain a greater understanding of your finances, share information with your finance team and enjoy more in-depth levels of communication, then Mint is the Chrome app for you.

3. SlideRocket: Perhaps one of the most popular and widely used applications available from the Chrome web store. SlideRocket is the open source and fluid alternative to Microsoft’s Powerpoint software. SlideRocket is a kick-ass alternative to native presentation software like Microsoft’s PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote. From within the web-based application, you can create a variety of stunning presentations and share them anywhere (including to the HTML5 viewer available on iPhone and iPad). You can add video to your presentations from YouTube – a feat out of the reach for many…even in PowerPoint – and other sources, as well as recording audio commentary and playing it alongside your presentation. The strength of these type of apps is their compatibility across platforms, so your big keynote looks great on a Mac or a Windows machine.

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