Top 7 Best Cydia Apps for iPhone

Apple iPhone and other devices like iPad, iPod touch, etc., have created serious impact on the world of Gadgets. But, still people are forced to adjust with few restrictions while using these devices like download music or share files or creating ringtones or many more. In fact most of the people don’t like the feature to pay for the library for download each audio file and they’ve started searching for How to create ringtones for iPhone and some people actually worked on creating some hacks and ended up in providing jailbreak for Apple devices in order to kick all the barriers that they face. So, after making jailbreak, they didn’t stopped, these guys even created a private iStore allowing people to enjoy premium applications for free.


Cydia repositories help users to search, download, and finally install the Cydia apps for iPhone. Once if you install the apps on the phone, you will be able to access large number of ringtones, HD themes, tweaks, and games in easy mode.

Here are some of the best Cydia apps for iPhone.

#1. Winterboard

Winterboard is one of the best apps for the year 2011. This program allows you to control sounds and change the phone look. Install the application on your phone and once it is done, go back to Cydia, where you can choose large number of available subjects. Once themes are installed, you must return to the application and proceed with checking the question ACTIVE.

#2. SwirlyMMS

It is also one of the best apps for the year 2011. SwirlyMMS is particularly used for sending and receiving photos. The new version of this application has access settings for all kinds of networks.

#3. iBlackList

Undoubtedly, it is also one of the best in the list of Cydia applications for the year 2011. This application includes various functions like- you can create white and black lists to all your phone contacts.

#4. MxTube

It is a cool Cydia App that can also be called as YouTube on iPhone. You can also download videos for offline view. It also allows you to download higher quality applications and view in high quality. It crashes in few occasions, which is the only annoying thing.

#5. Reminder

It is the latest cydia app for the year 2011. After downloading the application, icons present on the top line of your iPhone indicates text message, missed call, or Email.

#6. Cycorder

Cycorder is the tempestuous and raging addition to the list of Cydia apps. Better quality with consistent results improves the ambiance of smart phones for its present and potential users. This app is awfully user friendly and simple to access by both mature and young users.

#7. Wi-Fi Sync

Wi-Fi Sync is the new aadition in the amazing Cydia apps list for smart phones. This particular application permits end users to coordinate their smart phones with Mac books or PCs with out the fanatical physical connection. Wi-Fi Sync will help the smart phones users’ community for creating, editing, and sharing all images, documents, videos, spreadsheets, and presentations in the course of PC to the smart phones.

There are many more applications that are existing in cydia store, and I’ll be listing them out regularly. If you want to sell your cell phone, and get a new iPhone, you might have to wait until your warranty is finished and then you can jailbreak your device and enjoy the full power of your device. The above top Cydia Apps for iPhone help you to access and control various features.

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