Top 5 Weird iPhone Cases

Today, we’re having a look at five really weird iPhone cases – whether they’re unusual shapes, relics of bygone eras or delicious false foods, they’re definitely quite different to what you’d normally see online or in your local shop. Let’s get right into it!

5. Retro Phone Case

Many retro iPhone cases look good – they can be made of nice materials, like handmade iPhone 4S leather cases or somewhat rarer wooden cases. They can be interesting designs of bygone eras, like cases made to look like cassette tapes or SLR cameras. Some, however, take an interesting idea and fail utterly on the execution. This retro phone case is in the latter category, haphazardly stapling a handset to a plain silicone case. Your phone gets much bigger, and the retro handset itself isn’t even usable.

4. Breakfast Food Cases

These cases are rather better than our previous example. They’re four cases representing breakfast foods in Japan, including traditional noodles and rice as well as bacon and eggs and hash browns. They make me hungry just looking at them! Interestingly enough, many restaurants in Japan offer plastic food models to complement traditional menus, so it’s not too surprising to put these same designs on iPhone 4S cases.

3. Giant Ear Case

If realistic food cases aren’t your thing, how about a giant ear? This lobe-ly case is made of silicone and measures around 4” in length. It certainly will grab attention on the street or in the bar, so it could be the perfect gift for the gregarious one in your group – particularly if that person is you! The giant ear case looks a lot of fun to have, and could even provide a fair amount of protection thanks to the sheer amount of silicone on display.

2. Chocolate Bar Case

This chocolate bar case is close to my heart because it’s one my girlfriend brought back from foreign lands. The chocolate looks surprisingly realistic, even coming in a chocolate bar wrapper cardboard box. It was so convincing, in fact, that I spied it early one morning and had brought it to my mouth before I realised that it was a bit heavy for chocolate!

1. Creepy Hand Case

From delicious and funny entries, we end our top 5 in a somewhat different note – intense creepiness. This creepy hand is soldered to the back of a traditional silicone case in the same manner as the retro phone case we started with, and is made to look like the disembodied hand of either a young kid or a woman. It gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it, so I’ll end by saying that it’s sure to attract attention no matter what the audience – probably not a good one to pick up yourself, but definitely work a gawk.


And from that, we’re done. I wish we could have ended with a more cheerful case, but that creepy hand case was just too weird to not take home the top spot in this roundup of weird iPhone cases. Still, we saw some nice ones too – I’m quite tempted to track down one of those giant ear cases. Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Chocolate bar case 🙂

  2. hese days it seems as though almost everyone has an iPhone. But you can still differentiate yourself by slapping an eye-catching case on your iPhone.

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