Top 5 Popular Mobile Games

Despite the fact that Smartphones have become multipurpose in these years, there are lots of people who consider Gaming as one of the major stuff they can do with a Smartphone, especially if they do not like sitting in front of a PC and gaming, but wants a portable gaming experience. Obviously, nowadays, manufacturers do optimize their devices in such a way that games work very well. And, then, it’s all about which games you choose. In this post, we’ve made a list of five popular mobile games you should check out. We hope we can move on with the list.


Angry Birds Star Wars

Do you like Angry Birds, the popular game from Rovio? Do you like taking your favourite birds into a Star Wars sort of ambience? If it’s a Yes for both, you should check out Angry Birds Star Wars, a game that’s available for both Android and iOS devices. While the app is free for android, you have to pay around $1 for the iOS version, which isn’t actually expensive considering the quality of game. If you have time to spend, there is a STAR WARS universe to welcome.

Iron Man 2 Casino

If you are one of those who have a taste for Casino games, you should check out this slot game from You would love this game for sure if you are a fan of Iron Man and Tony Stark, as this slot game features characters from the movie and other stuff that you would like in the movie. Moreover, if you love the whole setup of Iron Man world and its activities, chances are high that you will love Iron Man 2 Casino for sure, especially considering its nice level of graphics.

Subway Surfers

Would you like that Graffiti boy that runs all the way through subway to escape from the cop, clever enough to don’t get hit by the trains? If yes, you will love Subway Surfers, an endless running as well. You have some impressive stuff such as changing the boy’s appearances, getting bonus points for doing no-normal things etc. Regardless your age, taste and everything else, you will love this game from Kiloo, which makes enough sense as far as you need a perfect gaming experience, without consuming that many resources of yours. Subway Surfers is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Fruit Ninja

If your Smartphone has a good touch screen that does not make you feel truly uncomfortable, you will definitely love Fruit Ninja, which is indeed the most popular fruit slicing game you can ever stumble upon. The game is simple but a bit hard to win — you have to slice all the fruits but not the bomb that accompanies them. If you can do so, you can win but it is addictive enough to make you defeat your own scores. It’s available for Android, iOS $ Windows Phone.

Temple Run 2

Well, we are sure you have heard about this never-ending running game! So, we do not want to boast about it that much! You know, it’s all about running and you have a lot of adventures to check out when you run — simple! So, if you like running, you will like Temple Run 2 as well.

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