Top 5 Online Gaming Sites For Addictive Gaming

Online gaming is becoming quite trendy. Everyone who comes online is ready to spend quite a few hours daily on the Internet just to play online games, rather the virtual games. There are more than a million games available online, but some of them are not that much good as they sound. There are some really famous online virtual games like Farmville, Pool Live Tour, Mafia Wars, Angry Birds, Club Penguin etc and all of them are completely free to play. These games not only keep the users entertained and excited but also give millions of dollars to their developers. There are hundreds of sites which allow you to play games online but which one of these is the best? Well, do not worry because we have compiled you the list of Top 5 Sites to Play Free Online Games for you. The list contains all the good websites from where you can play free games, without any extra cost.

Miniclip is one of the most famous sites out there on the web. Miniclip alone hosts thousands of games and all of them are equally entertaining. If you get addicted to a certain game, then you may even download it on your computer as a flash game and enjoy playing it without an Internet connection. Miniclip is a total entertainment center for people looking to freak-out from their hectic schedule. is one of the most famous gaming sites on the web. allows you to play hundreds of games; many of them can even be downloaded on your computer. The fun just doesn’t stop here, you can even sign-up on the site and chat with other fellow members. This site hosts arcade, puzzle and card games mainly. is not like just any other gaming website. You can not only play games on this site but can also earn some cash. hosts puzzle, arcade, card, casino etc kind of games. even allows you to sign-up and enjoy some extra features. is a site where you need to have Macromedia Flash Player, it’s quite necessary if you want to play all the games on this site. gives you the opportunity to play arcade, adventure, and puzzle kind of games.

AOL Games

AOL Games is one of the largest collections of online virtual games. AOL Games load faster than the games hosted on other sites, also you don’t get to see too many pop-up ads while playing the games. AOL Games are completely free to join and even allow you to chat with your friends.

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