Top 5 Nexus 10 Accessories

Today, we’ll be looking at some of the best accessories available right now for the Google Nexus 10 tablet.

5. Martin Fields Screen Protector

This screen protector does just what it says on the tin, really. It protects the screen of the Nexus 10 from all manner of damage and destruction, from scratches to scuffs. This particular screen protector is gloss finished and has a protective filter that ensures colour reproduction on the Nexus 10‘s excellent screen stays top notch. A low cost, high efficacy protective item.

4. Just Mobile AluPen Pro Stylus

Most styluses look pretty much the same – thin, pen-like, black. This AluPen is much different, with the look of a giant aluminium pencil. This makes it easy to hold on to, hard to lose and easy to sketch with. While you don’t get the same kind of detail as you get with pens with thinner points, the large and comfortable size of AluPen makes it ideal for sketching, coloring and playing drawing games.

3. SD Multi-Stand Slim Case

This ultra-slim and stylish Google Nexus 10 case from SD Tabletwear is one of the best on the market for the Nexus 10 right now. It includes an integrated multi-angle stand, allowing you to use the tablet in landscape mode at multiple orientations to best suit your needs, whether you’re typing, drawing, playing a game or watching a film. Of course, the case also adds a lot of scratch and drop protection to the Nexus 10 and covers that vulnerable screen when the tablet isn’t in use.

2. Dual USB Car Charger

This simple car charger has two USB ports, capable of producing a combined 2.1A of power. That’s enough to charge any one tablet (like the Nexus 10), or two phones at once. The Dual USB Car Charger has a very functional design and its durability won’t disappoint. If you want to keep the Nexus 10 charged during long car rides, this is the one to get.

1. PadPivot NST Ultra Portable Universal Tablet Stand

This tablet stand is an ingenious all-in-one device that will keep your Nexus 10 at a convenient angle. The PadPivot can rest on a flat surface like a desk or tray table, but it can also securely attach to your leg when you’re sitting down. This makes it easy to rest your tablet even if you’re just lying in bed, sitting on the sofa or your tray table isn’t big enough. And despite its fairly significant size, it folds away into an unobtrusive cube whenever it’s not needed. A brilliant device that I’ve just ordered for myself!


So there you have it – five accessories for the Samsung-made, Google-approved Nexus 10. Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Many thanks to Mobile Fun for providing the images for this piece.

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