Top 5 Headphones For iPhone 5

Today we’ll be looking at the top 5 earphones and Bluetooth headsets for the iPhone 5. I’m considering both wired and wireless options here, so at least one of the five selections below should be to your taste. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

5. Blaupunkt DJ112 Silver Edition Headphones
These stylish old-school cans look like old school microphones and provide excellent sound quality to match. You’ll find that these aren’t the lightest headphones around, but the extra size and weight is put to good use with decent noise cancellation and well balanced acoustics.
4. KitSound Audio Earmuff Headphones – Panda
These adorable headphones will keep your ears warm on cold days – perfect for listening to your tunes in winter. The headphones come in three different designs – owl, panda and penguin – although I personally like the Panda ones the best. With a knitted design, you’ll find these headphones are both comfortable and durable.
3. SoundWear SD 10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset
These are some of the most popular Bluetooth headphones for the iPhone 5 on Mobile Fun, and for good reason – they offer light weight, a comfortable fit and a very low price. The SD 10 units also include really useful controls on the outside of the headset itself, allowing you to answer calls or skip tracks without needing to touch your phone. The Bluetooth connection supports high quality audio and connects automatically after the first time.
2. Apple Earpods with Mic and Remote
Sometimes, the original manufacturer is best. Apple’s Earpods are a massive improvement over previous designs, offering a unique ported bass driver and an excellent fit. The built-in remote and microphone are top notch too, making these some of the best options for the iPhone 5 and even older iOS devices.
apple earpods
1. a-Jays Four Heavy Bass Impact Hands-free
While the Earpods are good, the sound quality found in the first-party headsets doesn’t come close to that provided by these headphones. The a-Jays Four are the top of the range, offering excellent sound and bass response courtesy of the 8.6 mm dynamic drivers. They’ve also got the same in-line remote and microphone, as well as a useful flattened cable that won’t get tangled. All in all, among the best sound quality you can get for the iPhone 5.
I hope you found these selections useful. Thanks for reading and have a good day! If you’d like, leave your comments and suggestions in feedback form below. Until next time – farewell.

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