Top 5 Great iPhone Apps For Eco-friendly Lovers

Today, with the increase of population and pollution, the headache of saving nature became more prominent. This is the reason why people are bending towards eco friendly products and non polluting elements. Today people hesitate to use even minimum things that can create environmental pollution. There are many views about mobile phones being polluting agents but till today there have been hardly any remedies. But the time has changed, and science can do the unthinkable. They are inventing machines and products that will no further use the non renewable source of natural energy and create pollution. The ‘go green’ concept is no more a whimsical trend but it is a necessary step to save our future on this planet.

Earlier, researches have been made on the adverse effect of electronics on the environment and they have found that the excess use of electronic gadgets of can be of adverse effects. Therefore, it is suggested not to use gadgets that consume electrical energy continuously like computer etc. One may get perplexed by the thought of life without computer but technology has brought them an easy way. Today you can do everything with the help of your mobile just by downloading proper apps. If you are an owner of an iPhone then download apps in your mobile to join the ‘go green’ movement and save the earth. Here are a few apps for the green lovers.

1. Yowza

It is one of the newest and most popular apps for your phone. This app is unique in its service. This app provides you with all the detail of movies, restaurants, business centers and other necessary places nearby. You can also get to know you current position with the help of this app. This facility helps you to get an estimate of time and distance while you are travelling. The best part of this app is that you can make business transaction with the help of virtual coupons just in a simple click and without any such use of papers. You can get this app at your nearest store. So, don’t delay to ‘go green’.

2. Green Outlet

This app allows the users to know their carbon footprint as well as to have a check on their electricity bills. All you have to do is to launch the app and select the types of electronic appliances that are being used in your house. You can also add up some minor details in the app like each appliance being used for approximately what amount of time each day, and you can have the future electricity bill. There is an alert system which will make you aware once you cross the US Government recommended carbon usage.

3. Vegan Express

If you are trying to go the vegan way, or make your lifestyle a vegetarian one, then this app is the must have over your Phone. It provides you with the list of food items as well as the restaurants in your locality which provide vegetarian foods. If you are confused about which food items are free form the animal products then this is the app that will help you find the one with the minimum amount of animal product in it.

4. Green Map

One of the best app for green lovers with over 700 locally-led projects in 55 countries. This app will provide you whole insight about the local green living sites, cultural and social resources about a particular Green Map.

5. NatureFind

A great app that will help you to discover nearby parks, botanical gardens, zoos, nature centers and many other green places with this app. This app also offer nature experiences indoors through their movies, exhibits, displays and much more.

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