Top 5 Google Nexus 4 accessories

If you were lucky enough to get your order in on Tuesday, by now most Nexus 4 orders should have arrived. Whenever I get a new phone my first thought is always ‘Now what accessories are there for it?’ This article seeks to answer that question. Let’s go!

5. FlexiShield Skin for Google Nexus 4

This third-party Google Nexus 4 cover is cheaper than the official Google bumper, and offers more protection with full back coverage. That should keep the back scratch-free longer, and the skin also provides good drop protection as well. The Skin is available in two colors at present, black and clear.

4. SGP Nexus 4 Steinheil Screen Protector

This Steinheil Google Nexus 4 screen protector is the best you’ll find for the Nexus 4, thanks to its high durability, the easy application process and its ultra oleo-phobic properties. That means that your screen will be protected, not only from scrapes and scratches, but also from the oils on our fingers that turn most normal screens (and screen protectors) greasy over time.

3. Genuine Nexus 4 Bumper

This Google Nexus 4 case is more expensive than the FlexiShield, but does allow you to see that awesome holographic sparkle pattern on the back of the phone. It is made by Google themselves, and as such will fit the phone perfectly with cutouts wherever necessary for full operation of the phone.

2. Analogix SlimPort HDMI Adapter / Charger

This SlimPort HDMI Adapter connects to your Nexus 4, allowing you to easily output audio and video over HDMI while charging via micro USB. That means that your Nexus 4 will always last as long as you need it to, from a full feature length movie to a marathon session of Angry Birds.

1. Google Nexus 4 Wireless Charger

This is definitely the accessory that I’m really hoping will arrive soon – wireless charging for your Nexus 4! The Nexus 4 supports wireless charging out of the box, so there’s no back or battery to replace – just get a compatible accessory like this one and you’ll be good to go. The wireless charger also serves as a magnetic stand, allowing you to keep your Nexus 4 within easy reach at all times.


So there we have it – five accessories for your Nexus 4. If the phone sells as well as I think it will, we should have a lot more accessories made for it. Maybe we can revisit the subject in the future as we have more third party accessories. In the meantime, I hope you found the selections useful. Be sure to let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or feedback.

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