Top 10 Tips To Use Your Android Phone For Business

Usage of phones has undergone a rather big change with changing mobile technology and times. The nature of the usage can be personal as well as professional. So if you love the Android phone section then you need not bring in your mind any doubt regarding using the android phones for the business needs and purposes.

A Blackberry may define itself as a professional or a business phone but prepaid Android phones presents you with the ultimate satisfaction, to be used as an efficient business phone. Once you start using one for a business purpose you do not have to look for other business phone options. So here is how you can use your Android phone for business:


1. Use the latest in the rack of Android versions

When using Android phone you must resort selecting the latest offered Android versions only as Google is always keen to present newly improved versions that support ergonomics. Using Gingerbread or Froyo will lend you the ease of mobile support.

2. Go for a lock screen

You will obviously not want to let your business information and updates to spread around that easily. Creating a lock screen with your Android phone helps you to keep your information safe. You can use a pin or an unlock mechanism for that easily on Android phone. This function is extremely needed to maintain your professional privacy.

3. Installing a Device Policy App

First get a Google Apps Premier edition, which help your device policy app to function in a proper way. So how this helps you business-wise? With a Device Policy, you can have an admin control over all your security features.

4. Choose secure email only

Android users are offered Gmail by the Google. But you do have some options in this category. Using another e-mail app will let you enjoy this feature. Apps like TouchDown is one good example to cater this need.

5. Synchronize by sharing Android phone’s internet

With an Android phone you avail Wi-Fi tethering functions that will let you to share your Android phone’s internet with your tab or PC. This one capability gives an Android phone an edge as a business phone without any hint of doubt.


6. Using Mobile Device Management

The access rights based on roles can be chosen when you have the Mobile Device Management. By this you can freely liberate your Android phone from being handled entirely by Google. This can be achieved conveniently by Good Technology, Zenprise and Afaria programs and applications.

7. You obviously will need Business supporting apps

A business phone will always be incomplete without the business apps and that is what you have to get for your Android phone. Use QuickOffice or Docs to go as these are great business apps for Android phones. Other fruitful apps for corporate people are like Google Googles, Cab4Me and which will be great business assets.

8. Don’t forget an Anti-Malware App

Malware is the last thing that you will think of intruding with your Android phone, especially when you are using the one for business purpose and related needs. Experts recommend Anti-Malware apps like Droid Security or Lookout Mobile for combating with malware.

9. Multifactor Authentication

This is yet another security enhancement for your Android phones that cater business needs. Tools like PhoneFactor helps in preventing your business apps from any hacks at all. Another example of this would be SecureAuth.

10. Innovative user friendly features

Google always keep coming up with some or other new and innovative features for Android phones. These features are user-friendly and keep challenging competitors in the business phone market segment, by boosting Android phone’s traits as the most-suited business phone. Thus keep updated with all that you can take an advantage of. No need to say that when you finally select the Android phone for business you end up as a satisfied user.

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