Top 10 Most Expensive Gadgets of All Times

Everybody loves gadget. As a matter of fact, almost every person owns a gadget. The advent of gadgets has made the electronic and communication companies think of ways to simplify the way of life of every person. As you know, most gadgets are used to communicate with others as well as entertained one’s self. It is said that the more expensive the gadget is, the more useful it is to the person. Expensive gadgets are appealing to people because of it signifies glamour and status in life. Let us take a look at the top 10 most expensive gadgets of all time.

10. Crystal iPhone 4 docking station

This is actually a type of gadget accessory. This docking station is specifically used for iPhone 4. The price of this gadget accessory is more than $500, enough to purchase a brand new gadget. The docking station is made from crystal and handcrafted to perfection. It is also painted with platinum.


9. DJ Headphone made from Swarovsky crystal

You will be surprised about the price of this headphone. It is too expensive, but the Swarovsky crystal justifies the price. The cost of this DJ headphone ranges from $2,300 to $2,500.

DJ Headphone made from Swarovsky crystal

8. Blackberry Bold 9700

Blackberry has been one of the favorite phones because of its functionality and style. This custom Blackberry is not your typical Blackberry phone. It is accentuated with gems and diamonds. The price of this gadget is $2600.

7. Platinum MacBook Air

Mac has been the manufacturer of high end gadgets such as laptop. This platinum McBook Air is definitely one of the coolest gadgets ever created by them. This laptop can be made from platinum, gold, or rose gold. The rice is around $8,800.

6. Vertu constellation quest

This is a not so known type of smartphone. As a matter of fact, it is not even the smartest phone ever. However, the price of this gadget ranges from $8,000 to 27,500.

5. Nokia N95 covered with diamond

This is definitely the phone that you ever wanted. Nokia is famous because of its great quality gadget. The phone is covered with 675 diamond as well as 18 carat white gold. The price of this gadget is $43,000.

4. Plantronics Bluetooth headset-

This is one of the most expensive headsets ever. It is actually a limited headset that is encrusted with gold and diamond. The price of this headset is around $50,000.

3. Nintendo Wii Console with solid gold construction

The price of this gaming console is roughly around $500,000. This is more than the price of an entertainment. The solid gold coating justifies the price.

2. Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition

This is a high definition television that is 55 inches wide. It is the perfect match of the wii console. It is made from 22 carat rose gold and a total of 48 round cut diamonds. The price for this gadget is a breathtaking 1.6 million dollars.

1. Custom diamond rose iPhone 4-

This iphone 4 is made from rose gold and a total of 500 diamonds. With its price, it is considered the most amazing mobile phone. The price of this phone is a shocking 8 million dollars.


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