Tips For Managing Reader Feedback

There is a huge enterprise concept called crm – customer relationship management. This relates to how a company, a product company, manages its relations with its customers, the consumers of that product. And now, coming to blogging, your customer is the reader and there are certain ways to manage the feedback that you receive from […]

How To Organize Your Desktop In Spite Of 100+ Apps

Many computer users have countless icons on their desktop. It usually isn’t their preference to have to search through all these icons to find the application or file they are looking for. They just don’t know how to properly organize their desktop to optimize their time. Programs for Desktop Organization Most computer and business tablet users […]

3 Major Reasons Why Wireless Broadband Internet Is Not For You!

The world is changing fast and everybody is starting to talk about the importance of a wireless future. In fact, a lot of people think it might be a smart decision for everyone to be using a wireless internet connection right away, but I have a different opinion. While I think the wireless broadband technology […]

Fall Cleanup At Google, Shutting Down 10 Products

The major Search Engine Giant Google made a Fall cleanup and confiremed RIP to 10 Products. “Technology improves, people’s needs change, some bets pay off and others don’t,” said Alan Eustace, a senior vice president at Google, in a blog post titled “a fall spring-clean.” Eustace said some of the products would be killed off, while […]

An Effective Mobile Text Marketing Tips

Are you new to mobile marketing? It is one of the recommended way to get massive response rates and an increased number of customers. Mobile marketing is a highly cost effective way that can help you to market your products to mobile consumers who can bring in a lot of money into the business.And it […]