Tips For Backpacking Trip Across Asia

South East Asia is a pure treat for travellers looking for adventures and fun. The continent is packed with its tempting volcanoes, rainforest, rice field’s beaches and coral reefs. South East Asia is a place that is full of regions with the most stimulating and accessible atmosphere that makes it a heaven in the world of travels.

The backpacking trail through South East Asia is a well worn out trip but it is worth it. The Asian continent is an amazing and most exotic place that gives you extreme adventure with beautiful destinations. The journey starts from beautiful Thailand, to Laos through Vietnam and the temples of Angkor Wat, along with the exploration of Malaysia and Singapore. Southeast Asia is a real treat for the travellers, explorers and the adventure seekers.

But backpacking Southeast Asia is not an easy task as it sound. In order to make your journey less tiring and confusing we are here with some backpacking tips that you should keep in mind while travelling through the continent. The tips are meant for your pleasure and will help you in creating a smooth travel journey.

PLAN AROUND THE WEATHER: As we all know the Asian continent is entirely within the tropics, it is expected to be hot and humid climate throughout the year. However the climate in each country varies, so it will be smart to check on the best time to visit the Southeast Asian countries.

TRY THE STREET FOOD: The second best thing that Asia is known for is being the continent with the world’s best and tastiest cuisines. The most delicious and mouth watering food can be found on the streets. You can get a variety of delicious food while wandering the streets and markets.

BUDGET CAREFULLY: The budget should be planned according to your preference. It mainly depends on where you are travelling to and according to your comfort zone. The trip can be very cheap and can be very expensive depending upon the budget you decide. Cheap and affordable call rates to Philippines are also available.

LEARN FROM THE LOCALS: Tribal culture is a highlight in the Southeast Asian countries and can be found in every corner of the continent. The most approachable communities are  Sa Pa in Vietnam, the Torjan of Sulawesi in Indonesia and many more like them. You can explore their culture by getting in their shoes.

MAKE TIME FOR TEMPLES: Asia is home to some of the world’s beautiful temples that you should visit. Enriched with a history and glorious past, the temples tell you about the rich culture and traditions of the country. The temples will make you wonder about the glory of mankind.

GET HIGH: Not with alcohol but with the admirable beauty of the mountains by climbing them.  Every visitor travelling to Southeast Asia should climb the beautiful mountains like Indonesia Mount Bromo or go on a trek to Mount Kinabalu. Watching the sunset from the mountain top is an experience that one should not miss.

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