The Future is Virtual

Ever since the gambling industry was formed the online casinos have been looking for ways to enhance and extend gameplay, in fact the online gambling industry has always been in the forefront when talking about innovative ideas and promoting new technology.

If you think about it, the goal for any online casino or any land based casino for that matter is to keep people playing for as long as possible, so it is not really about people upping their wagers or increasing stakes. Mobile usage for gambling has increased substantially over the last few years and that is down to advancements in technology and a quicker, more reliable internet.

Not only are we enjoying technological advancements but it’s also possible to pick up a mobile phone or tablet at a reasonable cost on the high street, and this ease of access has made mobile play both simple and accessible. Now we can play at popular online casinos like Schmitts Casino anytime and at any place as long as you have an internet connection.

It’s great for the players that games online are more sophisticated than they have ever been with rich graphics and other enhancers like pre-game movie clips being incorporated into the games, so it seems a natural transition that one of the next avenues would be virtual reality casino games.

At present there is not a great number of VR demos to try out but from what there is to try, and that includes a voice recognition controlled Blackjack demo on the cOcculus Rift DK2, and some completely over the top virtual reality slots games that anyone could expect to play are totally immersive.

For instance through the window of an Oculus Rift a pretty spectacular bonus feature can be experienced that sees players actually break out from the casino and end up on a rollercoaster ride.  This for me works really well as I do not want to simply play at a ‘real’ casino, I want more surprises and excitement.

Of course there would always be the need for a ‘real’ virtual reality casino too!  Both are being developed, and this could very well lead to tournaments being played worldwide using VR technology.

When you begin to consider the possibilities within online gambling they seem endless, and incredibly exciting! VR intensifies everything about you. You view is totally surrounded and you experience 3D binaural audio. This means that everything you experience in a game like slots could be taken further, much further!

In 2022 Digital gaming will be included in the Olympic Games for the first time.  The potential is so great for Virtual Reality to be incorporated into Digital Skills Gaming is so great that the Maltese Gaming authority is now looking to implement a regulatory framework for this type of gaming.

No matter what the sceptics mutter progression cannot be halted. The future is Virtual and it’s here to stay!

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