Technologies Needed to Create Next Generation Online Casino Games

We may be living in the golden age of casino gambling – we have three distinct platforms to participate in. The “standard” brick and mortar experience; the online casino scene reachable through PC’s and laptop computers and of course, mobile gambling.

Arguably, each era of casino gaming has its own ups and downs and so does this one. To be quite frank though, the lows are far and wide between. With the ability to play from pretty much everywhere on pretty much anything, you are guaranteed to have your own piece of casino bliss anywhere. You can see them in action available here for download on your mobile device.

With all of that being said, where can we possible get from here? We already play slots and roulette on our smartphone… How can technology improve the experience and bring something new to the table?


Going mobile

From the very beginning, many players and industry analysts argue that the future of casino gaming is actually mobile gaming. Sure, it is something to think about. Mobile practically re-invented the way we approach casino games:

  • The new touch control scheme;
  • The “ever present” factor of having your favorite games with you;
  • The social element which enabled a whole new generation of players to get in touch with casino games.

Social casino games however aren’t as hot as they used to be with the trend slowly losing momentum. It was a great novelty back then, with people being fascinated by social media and what it can do (besides your availability of games and notifications to bother you friends with).

There are two big leaps the casino gaming industry is bound to take – the first being skill-based games and the second, VR. Let’s talk a bit about each in particulars.

Skill to Win

Skill-based games have been around since forever in the world of video games. In the world of casino games however, they are a small, insignificant niche. The idea is however, that the next generation of casino gamers are bound to want something more.

Interactivity is KEY and this is changing the way we think about casino games. It is no longer enough to just press a button and wait for a program to decide whether your roll beat the house or not. Oh no, the newer crowd wants control in their hands and casino companies are taking notice.

They want to create a hybrid at first, to test out their theories at being able to incorporate player skill when factoring a prize. It is a very difficult position to be in, for sure, but we may be seeing more and more skill-based casino games in the near future.


VR on the Rise

VR on the other hand is a guaranteed possibility. More and more big names from the casino gaming world are already working on VR tech ready games for the next generation of hardware enthusiast and for good reason.

With the Oculus Rift engulfing the world’s interest in virtual reality more than ever before, we are anticipating a whole breath of new content and possibilities to utilize the world of VR.

Sure enough, casino gaming is following suit, with Microgaming already having released a playable demo of their VR Roulette which shows just a small glimpse of the possibilities that virtual reality has in store.

We are talking a whole slew of options including the ability play in real time and interact with virtual objects, which in itself represents a level of immersion unimagined by anything before (except, you know, visiting an actual casino).

With all of this in mind we do have to remember that there are still ongoing subtle changes to the world of online and mobile casino gambling. More games are being added that take advantage of better hardware and some even imitate VR… we just have to wait and see what the future really holds for us.

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